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Local Government

Listen to what your citizens are telling you with an effective complaints & feedback management solution

Every local authority operates differently and each one varies in size and structure. But all have common objectives and experience similar issues. You are faced with striking a balance between the needs of the citizens and the needs of government.

Respond enables you to improve customer service across the organization, with the flexibility to meet individual directorate needs.

Key Features

  • Configurable User-Interface
  • Process-Driven Workflow
  • Configurable Workflows and Processes
  • Reports and Charts
  • Built-in Search

Here's what Respond can do for you

Manage Housing Feedback

You have countless third parties to manage from plumbers and roofers to painters and decorators, all of which could potentially generate complaints about the service delivered. Aptean Respond tracks feedback and lets you share it across your organization including your third-party contractors.

Streamline Social Services Processes

Currently, around 40% of UK social services departments use Aptean Respond to meet the stringent legal and legislative complaints procedures. By deploying Aptean Respond, social services can streamline processes and reduce the cost and time it takes to handle complaints.

Deal With Corporate Complaints Effectively

Ensure a fair outcome and prevent expensive escalation to the Ombudsman by capturing feedback early and resolving the issue at the earliest opportunity.  

Improve Public Relations

Implement a consistent approach to managing citizen feedback and complaints to enhance the public’s perception of your organization and the level of service you provide.

Unlock the Collective Information Within Complaints

Respond enables organizational learning to be drawn from outcomes, highlighting processes that are inefficient and providing hard evidence to propel changes that drive out efficiencies.