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Take a proactive approach to the management of your customer feedback

Keeping customers happy is key to a manufacturer's long term profitability and requires a proactive approach to customer satisfaction by identifying and resolving issues before they result in lost business.

However, as a manufacturer you seldom have a direct relationship with the end consumer of your products.

A complaints and feedback management solution enables you to directly capture customer interaction and provide valuable insights into their requirements.

Key Features

  • Configurable User-Interface
  • Process-driven Workflow
  • Configurable Workflows and Processes
  • Reports and Charts
  • Built-in Search

Here's what Respond EFM can do for you

Fuel Research & Development

Respond EFM captures valuable insight from your end customers as they interact with your service team. Armed with volumes of direct customer feedback, you can develop products that better address their needs.

Understand the Performance of Your Supply Chain

Your partners have an impact on your end customers’ satisfaction. Use feedback gathered by your service team to monitor and improve the performance of your end-to-end supply chain.

Close the Loop on Customer Feedback

Respond EFM fully automates your end-to-end complaint and feedback management program to efficiently capture, process and resolve, as well as report on and analyze every piece of customer feedback, whether negative or positive, from all channels.