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Feedback Management Education - Training as customized as you need it to be

The Respond EFM solution is designed to be intuitive and readily accessible for all staff.  Our training program reflects this and ensures that each and every user is able to make full use of the solution and can benefit from its breadth of features and functionality.

Our flexible approach to training ensures you are up-to-speed with your Respond EFM solution as quickly and easily as possible. We can run training workshops at all Respond EFM offices or at your site, so you can learn using your own Respond EFM system, equipment and facilities within your normal working environment.

Key Features

  • Initial Training
  • Supervisor Workshops
  • Advanced Product Training for Your Internal Staff
  • System Optimization

Here's what our Training services can do for you

Get Value-Added Knowledge

Our training courses are a blend of industry best practices and solution-specific knowledge. You’ll learn about enterprise feedback management as you become expert at using Respond EFM.

Train the Trainer

Our supervisor workshops give your managers everything they need to help their teams get comfortable and productive using Respond EFM.

Optimize Your System

Our on-site training courses and initial training give you a great opportunity to learn from our experts and tweak your own deployment of Respond EFM based on your requirements.