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Monitor & manage your critical manufacturing processes

We don’t want to come right out and say the bakery business is cutthroat, but we know it’s a tough business where the best recipes and the best bakers don’t always win. Razor-thin margins for commercial-scale baking mean that you need business technology tools that a corner shop owner doesn’t require. Managing finances, controlling your supply chain and complying with ever-changing regulations are the ticket to success in this business – that, and a selection of great cheesecake, muffin and other delightful recipes!

Ross ERP uniquely positions you for success. With specific modules for finance, distribution, and manufacturing, you’re empowered to run your bakery with a single set of data that allows you to drive growth while focusing on your products and your customers. You get stronger, smarter and faster when you have the right tools and the right processes.

Key Features

  • Proven Track Record and Methodology Mitigates Risk
  • Flexible ERP Foundation can Scale and Grow as your Business Evolves
  • Reduce or Eliminate Shortages on Short Turnaround Items
  • Rapidly Respond to Demand Spikes
  • Manage HACCP Compliance and Necessary Certifications
  • Use “What-if” Scenario Planning

Here’s what Ross ERP for Food can do for you

Get Faster

Reap the benefits of ERP – quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our rapid implementation accelerates your time to ROI, while pre-configured ERP solutions jump-start your solution.

Gain the “Perfect Fit” Edge

Saturate your region – whether it’s an area you can reach with your trucks or a nationwide distribution. Manage direct store or direct channel delivery.

Leverage Industry Best Practices

Ross ERP includes pre-defined business processes based on industry best practices. Our standard development approach provides a predictable implementation schedule and cost.