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Meat & Poultry

Monitor & manage your critical manufacturing processes

Streamline operations, exceed food quality and safety mandates, and increase profitability. Aptean Ross ERP gives meat processors and packers the abilities they need to stay competitive and be successful in today’s economy.

Fully implemented in many HACCP-certified environments, Ross ERP documents all standard processes and tracks all operations and results in order to support your most stringent reporting requirements.

Key Features

  • Exceed Food Safety and Regulatory Mandates
  • Manage Kosher, Organic and Other Certification Compliance Processes
  • Ensure Production of the Highest Quality Products
  • Streamline Production with Unique Recipe Specifications
  • Gain the Flexibility to Support Multiple Processes
  • Manage Variability with Minimal Recipes
  • Increase Profitability with Accurate Product Costing

Here’s what Ross ERP for Food can do for you

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Ross ERP regulatory management features allow you to comply with all aspects of food safety regulations (e.g. ISO 9000, ISO 22000 and HACCP), and guarantee complete traceability. Bi-directional lot traceability can trace products and materials in a matter of minutes, from the customer invoice to the supplier invoice, and vice versa.

Protect Your Brand

Expedite product recalls to remove suspect products from the shelves and minimize consumer risk, and limit the scope of recalls to specific product lots. This protects your brand by minimizing consumer brand aversion. 

Streamline Regulatory Documentation

Ross ERP’s integrated regulatory management capabilities help streamline compliance requirements by providing detailed quality assurance records and complete certificate-of-analysis information for all finished goods, by-products and co-products.

Leverage Industry Experience

We are an associate member of the following meat associations: American Meat Institute, Chicago Midwest Meat Association , North American Meat Association, Southeast Meat Association, and Southwest Meat Association