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Food Safety, Compliance & Quality

Monitor & manage your critical manufacturing processes

The threats and potential costs associated with food safety have never been higher. New laws have gone into effect around the globe. Customers and consumers are demanding that manufacturers prove that they are packaging safe food.

Ross ERP helps monitor and manage your critical manufacturing processes and supply-chain activities according to good manufacturing practices (GMP). With powerful capabilities in end-to-end traceability, specification management, quality assurance and control, and change management, you have the technology you need to detect and address exceptions at any stage in your operations.

Fully implemented in many HACCP-certified environments, Ross ERP enables all standard processes to be documented and all operations and results to be tracked in order to support your most stringent reporting requirements.

Key Features:

  • Record and report on individual or group test results
  • Trace based on lot, supplier, receipt, job, customer order and more
  • Ensure record-keeping compliance.
  • Supply proof-of-recall results as needed
  • Document recall status
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all process changes

Here’s what Ross ERP for Food & Beverage can do for you

Manage Quality Confidently

Define quality control (QC) requirements for each stage or activity and for both product and process. Set up QC tests with target values and high and low thresholds, with any batch whose test results fall outside the limits automatically flagged for QC hold.

Trace Lots Precisely

Respond thoroughly and quickly—in minutes, not hours or days—to regulatory inquiries and mock-recall scenarios. Ross ERP’s TraceExpress features end-to-end bi-directional lot traceability, allowing you to trace forward from supplier or backward from customer with equal reliability.

Address Customer Requirements

Keep customers happy by meeting their specific demands for product quality and process excellence. Provide thorough and reliable documentation of QC testing and flow, and maintain consistently high standards, reducing the cost of rework and write-offs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Demonstrate Compliance

Protect your brand reputation and minimize disruptions by demonstrating compliance to regulators and customers alike at any time. Keep a thorough and easily accessible record of all quality management and lot maintenance.