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Manufacturing Efficiency & Inventory Visibility

Simplify your operations & manage multi-stage processes

Manage multi-stage processes with recipes at each stage, product and process quality tests, and batch scaling. Recipes can include inputs such as materials, machine, labor, and miscellaneous items such as water and utilities, as well as outputs such as co-products, by-products, inter-stage outputs, and waste streams. Ross ERP simplifies operations by managing multi-stage processes with a single manufacturing order, eliminating unnecessary inventory transactions. Its yield reporting features track actual versus standard yields, enabling you to optimize yields and ensure quality.

Key Features

  • User-defined catch-weight tolerances
  • Automatic average catch-weight tracing
  • Full-process catch-weight data maintenance
  • Advance notification of re-test requirements
  • Advance notifications of impending expiration dates
  • Proactive notifications from the MRP system
  • Dynamically calculate downtime
  • Minimize clean-down times and changeovers

Here’s what Ross ERP for Food and Beverage can do for you

Manage Different Count & Catch-Weight Requirements

Improve the accuracy of your inventory valuation, payments for receipts, and customer invoicing with comprehensive inventory visibility. Manage multiple simultaneous units of measure for counting and costing, allowing for more accurate pricing.

Reduce the Cost of Spoilage

Improve inventory management with better shelf-life control. Track shelf-life by lot, monitor customer-specific distribution days based on remaining shelf-life, prevent transactions for expired lots, and automatically write off product when it reaches expired status.

Optimize Yield with Effective Recipe Management

Improve inventory visibility by accurately managing multiple units of measure for catch-weight and packaging. Reduce customer returns and extend shelf life with better shelf-life control and re-testing

Optimize Production Uptime

Reduce the costs and delays of operational downtime by eliminating excessive changeovers. Our product sequencing capabilities enable you to plan production effectively and schedule finite capacity, following a sequenced plan and schedule that can take into account family, group, color, strength, package size, and more.