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Product Costing, Profitability & Customer Satisfaction

Earn higher customer satisfaction & maximize your profits

Manufacturing ultimately has two bottom lines, not one. Profits are all-important to business survival, growth, and health. But unless they’re accompanied by happy customers, profits are nothing but a short-term boon. Earning high customer satisfaction while maximizing profitability requires a customer-driven strategy and careful oversight.

With Ross ERP, you get the end-to-end visibility required across purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, and sales to accurately determine the actual profit on each product you sell. With co-product and by-product tracking, as well as the ability to link all costs of trade promotions and channel incentives back to finished goods, you now have the insight to focus your business efforts on your most valuable products.

Key Features

  • Validate final products against customer specifications
  • Use unlimited cost categories
  • Track ingredient, packaging, labor and machine costs
  • Track fixed and variable overhead
  • Track actual versus standard costs
  • Automatically calculate and post variances
  • Roll up costs online for preliminary review
  • Direct discounts to associated General Ledger accounts
  • Track the success and costs of promotional discounts
  • Increase customer satisfaction through accurate invoicing

Here’s what Ross ERP for Food & Beverage can do for you

Guarantee Products That Meet Customer Expectations

Use flexible lot-characteristic-management capabilities. Capture customer specifications and tolerances and track an unlimited variety of lot attributes, such as pH, potency, and grade. You can use linear or user-defined formulas, with  dynamic formula adjustments, allowing you to respond to material and product variability on the fly.

Analyze Costs & Respond Rapidly to Inefficiencies

Gain detailed insight into costs and profitability, and quickly identify and act on variances. Select inventory valuation settings such as standard, weighted average, actual lot, LIFO, and FIFO to achieve the precise valuation assessment they need. Manage exceptions efficiently and respond in a timely manner to inaccurate recipes or changes in manufacturing costs.

Manage Discounts Effectively

Reduce the cost and complexity of discounting programs and promotions. Manage multiple, layered discounts for buying and parent entities, with the option of customer- or product-specific pricing. Rebates, advertising, and other allowances can be easily factored in.