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Ross ERP for Life Sciences

An unwavering focus on Life Sciences & a complete commitment to your success

“Ross ERP has allowed Nexgen Pharma to dramatically grow its business. With increased visibility enterprise-wide, we have the type of information necessary to continually improve our business practices and help us focus on development of new products and supplements.”

Robert Verdugo IS Manager,
Nexgen Pharma

From small emerging biotechs to billion-dollar drug manufacturers, our success comes from listening intently to you, and to the unique needs of your business. Ross ERP for Life Sciences is engineered to meet your needs today, while ensuring scalability for your future success.

So what's the bottom line? Our focus in Life Sciences means value to you. We don't overwhelm you with prohibitive costs, functionality you don’t need, or unending implementation times. But most of all, our focus means we understand you and the complexities of your world. We speak your language.

Key Features

  • Scalable to Take You From Primary to Secondary Manufacturing
  • Best-in-Class Traceability Solutions with TraceExpress
  • Product Costing to the Ingredient Level
  • Recipe and Formula-based Manufacturing

Here's what Ross ERP for Life Sciences can do for you

Good Manufacturing Practices

Smart technology that supports FDA record-keeping and compliance requirements, including 21 CFR part 11. Keep better records and ensure regulatory compliance.

Outsource Collaboration

Boost data collection efficiency, accuracy and analysis capabilities, regardless of how and where you outsource. The Outsource Collaboration application addresses critical factors when you aren't going it alone.

Manage Contracts & Chargebacks Efficiently

Automate the chargeback validation process and maintain current, up-to-date information.  This module developed for lifesciences and pharmaceutical manufacturers makes sure you manage your money profitably.

Simplified Validation

Integrated quality and compliance management solutions that won’t break the bank allow you to manage to FDA and ISO regulations.

Manage via ePedigree

Pharmaceutical companies must be able to provide the pedigree for any product they produce, in the event that drug is "selected" by an inspector. Maintain a complete custodial history and track drug pathways through the supply chain.

RFID & Barcode

Improve product tracking, traceability and labor productivity through your supply chain and meet customer compliance requirement with integrated RFID.