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EPM Business Intelligence

Empower your decision makers with industry-specific business intelligence

Ross Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a suite of practical, out-of-the-box Business Intelligence modules tailored for your specific industry. Typically implemented in two weeks or less – EPM modules leverage existing enterprise data by improving visibility into specific business operations.

Ross EPM modules sit on top of functional enterprise silos, providing fast, multi-dimensional and cross-functional analysis of key business drivers. With customizable management dashboards, pre-built reports and proactive alerts, you can easily monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.

Enhanced visibility empowers all decision makers – from the C-level to the manufacturing floor – with the business intelligence they need to address key operational issues quickly and effectively. The result? Optimized performance and deeper value from your existing operational systems.

Dive into your Ross EPM solutions

Sales Analytics

Enhance visibility with comprehensive customer service and sales performance analysis tools.

Inventory Analytics

Analyze inventory levels, trends and sales metrics for targeted improvements.

Manufacturing Analytics

Increase business insights with production level and performance analysis capabilities.

Financial Analytics

Monitor key AP and AR information to get a comprehensive view of cash and outstanding balances. Maximize cash flow and minimize financial risk.