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Inventory Analytics

Optimize inventory levels with better business visibility from Aptean Inventory Analytics

Don’t waste time and money with surplus inventory – or worse, by lacking the materials you need to meet market demand. With the Ross Inventory Analytics module, you can accurately analyze inventory by product hierarchy (e.g., group, family, SKU), time, organizational unit (e.g., plant, warehouse), and other operational parameters. We leverage the latest technology to help you ensure that you’re working efficiently and spending wisely. 

Key Features

  • Inventory Hierarchies
  • Time Analysis
  • Organizational Unit Analysis
  • Operational Parameters
  • Safe Stock Counts
  • Product Trends
  • Ideal Inventory Counts
  • Perpetual Inventory Levels

Inventory Analytics for Ross ERP enables you to quickly answer questions about

Inventory Performance

Determine the accuracy and efficiency of your physical and cycle count process. How does the process match our perpetual inventory levels? How many times have I stocked out of inventory?  

Determine Optimal Stock Levels

With in-depth analysis reports, you can answer questions such as: How much inventory should I hold? What is a valid safety stock level? Do I have products trending to obsolescence or greater demand? What is my sales-to-inventory relationship? Is it improving?