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Manufacturing Analytics

Optimize your business with Aptean Manufacturing Analytics

It’s another perfect fit solution for process manufacturers. We leverage the latest technology to help you accurately analyze production yields, equipment utilization, cycle times, material usage variances, labor productivity, performance-to-schedule statistics, cost variances, defects, scrap totals, and other revealing metrics.

Key Features

  • Analyze Production Yields
  • Monitor Equipment Use
  • Track Cycle Times
  • Analyze Labor Productivity
  • Track Schedule Accuracy
  • Pinpoint Defects
  • Calculate Scrap Totals
  • Define Cost Variances

With Ross Manufacturing Analytics, you can quickly and easily answer questions about


Which are my high- and low-performing machines, products and factories? What are the material usage variances by plant, department or work centers? What materials are of concern, based upon production trends?

Cost, Investment & Labor

Which plants and products are experiencing increasing cost variances? Which plants and departments are experiencing labor efficiency variances? Is my company fully benefiting from capital investments in the production lines?