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Sales Analytics

Become customer-driven with sales analytics designed specifically for process manufacturers

Ross Sales Analytics are designed to help you quickly and easily answer typical customer service performance questions.

Key Features

  • Order Measurement
  • Order Statistics
  • Customer Service Analysis
  • Service Level Trends
  • Geographic Trends
  • Sales and Budget Comparisons
  • Profit Margin Analysis
  • Identify Top Performers
  • Earning Trends
  • Revenue Trends
  • Discount Trends
  • Sales Rep Performance

Inventory Analytics for Ross ERP enables you to quickly answer questions about

Sales Performance

Determine service levels trends by region or by customer, and find out where you are doing well and where you are losing ground.  Examine how new pricing and promotion campaigns affect sales and profit margins, and compare how you are doing versus previous years.

Customer Service

Get to the details quickly. Determine whether your best customers are receiving the best service.   Dig deep into customer complaints about service levels, and find out if you know the real story .  Find out how close you are to perfect order performance by measuring whether orders are complete, accurate, on time and in perfect condition.