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Document Management

Lose the paper. Gain efficiency, productivity & happier customers

Ready to improve your productivity, reduce paper (and the space required to store it), get faster data access, and still meet regulatory mandates for document retention? Would you like to boost customer service and satisfaction while you’re at it?

The Document Management Module takes your Ross ERP system to the next level. Microsoft’s SharePoint technology allows you to scan, store and link documents directly to the data in your ERP. Users have the flexibility to scan, automatically index with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), store, and view multiple documents in a variety of ways. You can also annotate documents and route them through defined workflow processes. And, of course, multi-level security ensures complete, permission-based access.

Companies that supplement their Ross ERP solution with Document Management say they have cut costs, enhanced customer service and developed more efficient business processes.

Key Features

  • Document Scanning
  • Document Linking
  • Data Storage
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Store and View Multiple Documents
  • Annotate Documents
  • Multi-Level Security
  • Define Workflows

Here’s what Document Management for Ross ERP can do for you

Save Time & Money

Reduce printing, copying, mailing and faxing costs. Reduce searching and retrieval times and eliminate lost or misfiled documents.

Stay Compliant

Support regulatory compliance requirements and expedite auditing processes.

Move Faster

Improve document and report distribution and expedite approval and decision making processes.

Enhance Security & Efficiency

The solution provides disaster recovery of documents, while reducing your requirements for physical storage space.