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Event Management Framework

Keeping your business in synch & products flowing smoothly

Event Management Framework is a user configurable toolkit that allows an organization to build their own 24/7 monitoring or middleware solution.

As an enterprise “watch dog”, EMF delivers relevant, actionable information, via emails and texts, to user dashboards and smart mobile devices. Problems can now be resolved before they escalate and adversely impact operations. And should EMF’s recommended actions not be performed in a timely manner, EMF will escalate the situation and involve additional resources in the resolution process.

As a cost effective middleware solution, EMF can easily integrate Ross ERP to 3rd party business systems with minimum IT involvement. EMF’s non-invasive technology eliminates the need for additional Ross ERP programming, or the need for deep integration and synchronization of alternative technologies.

EMF requires minimum implementation, configuration and training. Leveraging the set of pre-defined inputs, outputs and process logic components, customers are typically up and running their EMF processes in as little as one week.

Monitor & Improve Your Business Processes.

Ensure That Business Targets are Being Met.

Be alerted when certain financial or operational tolerances are outside limits or when certain events do not happen as planned.

Increase Collaboration

Deliver accurate and timely Ross Enterprise information to your customers, suppliers and trading partners.

Avoid Risk & Ensure Governance

Detect, prevent and restrict those activities within Ross Enterprise that could lead to fraud and put your company at risk.

Connect Business Systems

Move xml files, update tables or monitor data transferred between Ross Enterprise and 3rd party business systems.