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Customer Portal

Experience a whole new way to conduct business & connect with your customers

The Customer Portal for Ross ERP gives you a secure, online way to manage Web-based content and support online ordering. Like all our modules, the portal connects seamlessly with your Ross ERP system, giving you better business insight and control.

Key Features

  • Content Uploading
  • Data Filtering
  • Price Updates
  • Promotional Tools
  • Order History Look-Up
  • Document Downloads
  • Order Status Reports
  • Shipping Status Reports
  • Online Ordering
  • Role-Based Access

Here’s what the Customer Portal for Ross ERP can do for you

Content Management & Production Catalogs

Post new content (e.g product specifications, graphics) to your website without IT help. Make changes in product availability, pricing and attributes instantly available to customers and prospects. Filter information to ensure customers with unique terms see only their own pricing and products.

Marketing Promotions

Run targeted promotions to sell excess inventory, for instance, using a low-cost online solution.

Self-Service Inquiries & Online Ordering

Give customers immediate order/shipping status reports and answer availability questions. Provide order history look-up and allow customers to download important certificates and documents. Enable customers to place orders online. The Customer Portal links directly with the Ross ERP Order Processing Module, so your team doesn’t have to re-key anything.

Administration & Security

Control information published online with role-based administration and security, plus direct links to your customer master. This production-grade system is designed for easy, secure access.