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Data Collection

Achieve your business goals with real-time data collection designed specifically for the manufacturing process

Business success is almost always measured by how well your company can compete in your chosen markets. For process manufacturers, this means creating higher quality products and getting them to market faster with quicker inventory turns and lower manufacturing costs.

To achieve these targets, you need real-time data that accurately represents the key steps in your manufacturing process. You’ll be better equipped to identify and address tactical problems, plus emerging trends that could require further process improvements.

Key Features

  • RF Data Collection
  • Minimal Keyboard Entry
  • Instant Visibility
  • Bar-Coded Shipment Scans
  • PO Data Capture
  • Product Detail Labels
  • Parts Scanning
  • Multi-Stage Transfers
  • Adjustments and Returns
  • Dispatch Notes
  • Bar-Coded Job Documents
  • Automatic Job Updates

Here's what Data Collection for Ross ERP can do for you

Automated Materials Tracking

Radio Frequency (RF) data collection for receipt of raw materials, bin transfers, material picking and shipment confirmation eliminates keyboard data entry.

Improved Accuracy & Productivity

Real-time interaction ensures that configured business rules are not bypassed. Instant visibility boosts data accuracy productivity.

Make Receiving & Inventory Management More Efficient

Receiving operators scan bar-coded vendor shipments to capture the purchase order number, part numbers and quantities. Product detail labels can be automatically generated as needed.  Material handling personnel can easily scan parts and locations to perform one- and two-stage transfers, issues, adjustments & returns, update inventories in real time, and eliminate paperwork and manual data entry.

Speed Shipping

Dispatch data verification is the basis for shipping automation. Dispatch notes can be downloaded to portable terminals to prompt shipping personnel for the items, quantities and locations to select; each data element is validated against the dispatch when scanned.

Provide Real-Time Shop Floor Visibility

By bar-coding the job documents, production personnel can enter labor and stage count data with little or no keyboard entry. Jobs are automatically updated with elapsed labor, machine time, and manufacturing completed quantities.