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A smart, intuitive user experience with superior tracking & traceability

As simple to use as any map or GPS system, TraceExpress for Ross ERP provides immediate forward and backward trace functionality. Identify suspect materials and the disposition of finished goods in the event of a product recall. Ensure product safety and secure customer trust while meeting industry and government regulatory compliance regulations.

TraceExpress offers a highly intuitive and vastly superior user experience. Dramatically cut the time required to identify, review and process lot-specific supply chain data, while reducing response times to potential problems.

Key Features

  • Forward and Backward Tracing
  • Defective Lot Tracing
  • Mid-Production Tracing
  • Track and Trace in Seconds
  • Map-Style User Interface
  • Full Plant Visibility

Here’s what TraceExpress for Ross ERP can do for you

Recalls & Mock Recalls in Minutes, Not Hours or Days.

An easy-to-use, comprehensive trace model helps you track and trace in minutes. Accurately report lot trace information, while improving lot trace visibility and capabilities. Increase visibility into product lot activity and quality history. Improve your reaction time to potential problems. Increase customer retention and provide superior customer service.

Simplify Compliance & Reporting

Streamline reporting and compliance with industry and government regulations when you have access to all your information in minutes. Our customers have been complemented by officials on how fast and accurate their mock recalls have been.