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SupportSoft eService

Problem? Solved.

Who it's for
The SupportSoft toolset benefits large IT helpdesks, telecommunications providers and high tech external support organizations
What it solves
That need proactive or real time automated resolution of complex technical issues directly on an end user’s PC to automate the resolution of expensive assisted call drivers
What it is
SupportSoft eService is a collection of powerful tools, such as web collaboration, e-mail, live chat, and phone support interfaces that provide support technicians with multi-channel consistency across assisted service and self-help channels to resolve common end-user problems
What you get

SupportSoft offers patented diagnostic tools with extensive features, including:

  • A CRM / case tracking tool with a simple knowledgebase module for handling phone requests.
  • A self-service web tool or virtual representative that has its own FAQ database.
  • An interactive voice response (IVR) tool that provides answers to simple, repetitive questions.
  • A chat client with canned text that can be pasted into a conversation.
  • An e-mail response system with its own email templates.
Why it's different
Individually, there are many point solutions on the market that can be cobbled together to create your multi-channel support infrastructure. And while there are several eService vendors, none has the diagnostic, proactive toolset designed to either eliminate issues completely or drastically decrease the time to resolution via smart technology deployed directly to the customer’s PC.
Why you need it

Customers are finely attuned to moments when they’re treated differently depending on who (and how) they ask. Transactions that are impossible over the web suddenly get completed after a strongly-worded e-mail. The contact center says “no,” but the analyst on the phone says “yes.” The web site says your transaction went through, but the chat agent can’t find it. In all these cases, customers feel like they’re not dealing with one company, but several. They become frustrated, try to figure out how to work the angles, and ultimately lose confidence in anything they hear. Inconsistent service and support is a fast way to erode loyalty.

  • Shift it Left for Big ROI – Our customers have seen a 15 to 50 percent call deflection, saving you time and money.
  • KCSsm Verified – SupportSoft is aligned with the Consortium for Service Innovation’s KCS best practice methodologies.
  • ITIL Compliance – SupportSoft follows ITIL best practices to help provide quality IT services, process and functionality.
  • Fix It For Me – Automated solutions out of the box that will improve the time to resolution on common call drivers.