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Export Management

Powerful tools to streamline your export management processes

Automate your export management process, including Restricted Party Screening, Export License Control, and End-Use Screening. TradeBeam’s Export Management solution will boost your productivity and ability to increase order volume without adding resources, while lowering risk. The rich toolset provides efficient management of export documents, customs filings, and export orders.

TradeBeam can benefit a single department or deliver efficiencies across multiple divisions. Whether you work in logistics, sales, legal, or compliance organizations, TradeBeam can make the complex, dynamic export requirements that you address far more manageable.

Key Features

  • Restricted Party Screening
  • License Determination and Management
  • End-Use and End-User Screening
  • Order Management
  • Export Document Management
  • Customs Filing
  • Classification and Global Parts Catalog

Here's what Export Management can do for you

Automate Key Processes

Automatically keep your content up to date with constantly changing restricted or denied-party lists from various sources. Manage export documentation including mandatory customs filings. Reduce the risk of fines and loss of ability to export.

Stay Ahead of Regulations

Successfully address the changing needs of multiple regulatory bodies, including BIS, UN, United States State Department, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, and more. Reduce the time and effort associated with staying on top of frequent regulation and list changes.

Increase Efficiencies

Increase throughput of your fulfillment and trade financing processes and decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Improve cycle times, avoid shipment delays, and minimize inventory costs.