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Expanded Features

Features to address your specific export compliance needs

When it comes to global trade export compliance, there are many considerations at any time. Our solution helps you take a proactive approach to compliance with features designed to address the highly specific and unique requirements of international export compliance.

Now you can start automating your global trade process and take advantage of new features and content as you need them.

Key Features

  • Restricted Party Screening
  • License Determination and Management
  • End-Use and End-User Screening
  • Order Management
  • Export Document Management
  • Customs Filing
  • Classification and Global Parts Catalog

Here’s what TradeBeam can do for you

Restricted Party Screening

Our Restricted (Denied) Party Screening (RPS) solution offers methods as diverse as your business needs. Whether you need to automatically screen parties to an export transaction against numerous lists of restricted or denied parties defined by the country of export, or proactively screen various customer, shipping or other master lists, our solutions can accommodate your needs. 

Classification & Global Product Master

The Global Product Master provides a mechanism for HTS/ECCN product classification (Harmonized Tariff Schedule and Export Control Classification Number) and other status checks required for compliance and logistics.

End-Use & End-User Screening

Automatically determine whether a party’s profile allows shipment. This screening typically includes areas not covered by the export compliance process, including Red Flag Checklist, Diversion Risk Questions, Anti-Boycott Questions, and others.

Export License Control & Management

Review export shipments for license requirements or exceptions using shipment data (country of destination, product data), related country profiles, end-use, and product classification.

Customs Filing

Communicate shipment and product information to appropriate customs authorities and monitor filing acceptance, with proactive alerts to potential filing issues. Automatically files an electronic SED (Shippers Export Declaration) to customs filing (such as AES).

Order Management

Respond to purchase orders and set initial terms and conditions. We can manage sales orders directly or integrate orders from third-party ordering systems.

Export Document Management

Automate the management of export shipment document production and distribution. Country pairing profiles and business partner profiles determine the statement or clause use, logos or format use, and distribution requirements.