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Import Management

Import Management & Compliance for your global business

Import Management requires that several tasks and actions take place at once. Automating your import management process will help reduce the potential for inbound shipment delays caused by incomplete access to relevant legislation and information.

TradeBeam’s Import Management solution will boost your productivity and allow you to increase volume without adding resources, while lowering the risk of noncompliance. The rich solution enables efficient customs management, assist management, product classification and landed cost calculations, while automatically building audit trails and archives.

Key Features

  • Import Document Management
  • Classification and Product Information Management
  • Landed Cost Calculations
  • Facilitation of Customs Process
  • Audit Trails

Here's what TradeBeam can do for you

Stay on Top of Changes

Import regulations, documentation requirements and classification data change constantly. TradeBeam’s solution immediately updates your process, keeping you in compliance. Stay up to date on new security-related initiatives, free trade agreements and changing classifications.

Avoid Delays

Avoid costly customs clearance delays that result in penalties, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenue.

Reduce Your Costs

Simplify your classification and product information management process while gaining clear visibility into your landed cost. Avoid overpaying duties and taxes by correctly applying eligibility criteria for free trade agreements.