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Import Compliance Expanded Features

Features to address your specific import compliance needs

Complex import compliance requirements demand diligent attention to specific regulations, compliance procedures, and related costs. That’s why we’ve developed solutions to address your unique import compliance challenges, saving you resources and giving you added peace of mind.

Our solution lets you quickly begin automating import processes and take advantage of additional features as you need them.

Here’s what TradeBeam can do for you

Classification & Product Information Management

Seamlessly and efficiently connect a product record to specific details classifying or defining the product for import requirements.

Landed Cost Calculations

Accurately calculate your landed cost for a shipment, including applicable duties, fees, and taxes, based on the origin and products in a shipment. This solution accommodates additional cost types, including royalties, commissions, and freight rates.

Pre-Entry Facilitation

The TradeBeam Import Management solution checks that all required product and order details are available to produce the entry file. When data is missing, the system issues an alert prior to the arrival of goods at port.

Customs Filing & Port-Entry Facilitation

The system automatically audits all entries on behalf of you as an importer, catching any discrepancies among the entry, shipment, and product details. It tracks disposition/release activity, providing you with timely access to entry status.

Import Document Management

Automate the management of your import document production and distribution. Country pairing profiles and business partner profiles determine statement/clause use, logos or format use, and distribution requirements.

Audit Trails

The TradeBeam solution automatically creates accessible records of actions to comply with customs requirements. The system tracks your entries, orders, and shipments, for both header and product details, keeping detailed information on each transaction.