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The TradeBeam Cloud Platform

Experience the speed, ease & convenience of cloud computing

TradeBeam applies the efficiencies, cost savings and simplicity of cloud computing to your global trade management challenges. With a cloud-based platform, TradeBeam allows you to start quickly, avoid costly infrastructure investments and gain access from any Internet connection.

Key Features

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Multi-Language
  • Integration Options

Make your work easier today with the TradeBeam Cloud Platform


The application services have been designed from the ground up for multi-tenancy, and the underlying technology platform has been architected for support, scalability, configurability, reliability and ease of integration with external systems.

Automatic Upgrades

When upgrades are applied to relevant applications or content, your application is automatically upgraded and you benefit immediately. 


Security is a fundamental design criterion of every multi-tenant infrastructure.  TradeBeam’s highly robust security is built for maximum protection, including offering customers the ability to employ role-based security and access control.

Enhance Your Existing Applications

TradeBeam enhances your existing ERP, procurement and other applications with the right solutions where you need them. Additional integration with partners, carriers, and other parties of trade transactions provides end-to-end visibility into global trade transactions.


The TradeBeam solution is fully internationalized and capable of supporting all languages and locales.