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Truition eCommerce

A Solution You Can Build a Business On

Everything you need to know about Truition eCommerce Software By Aptean

Who it's for
For large organizations with ecommerce business
What it solves
That want a powerful, customized ecommerce platform
What it is
Truition’s ecommerce and Auction platforms are full-featured, enterprise-level ecommerce solutions on demand.
What you get
With Truition, you gain a robust feature set for ecommerce, including the following modules:
  • Search & Merchandising
  • Shopping Cart
  • Business Intelligence
  • Back Office
  • eBay Auctions
  • In-Site Auctions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Deal-of-the-Day
Why it's different
Unlike other systems, the Truition solution provides the performance and scalability required to successfully manage a high-volume online business, without the significant IT costs typically associated with a feature-laden, but overly complicated, ecommerce deployment.
Why you need it
Aptean has partnered with the world’s best technology, service and marketplace providers to give our clients simplified and cost-effective access to the best in ecommerce functionality–all on a single platform. Truition enables you to do what you do best: selling online—all while enhancing your customers’ online experience. Truition’s CRM auctions platform allows you to target secondary ecommerce markets without damaging your brand. In addition, online auctions can be used as a private reward site for existing customers across any number of non-traditional ecommerce industries.