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Logistics Services

Truition eCommerce solutions need to be centerpieces of your business to propel growth

Truition eCommerce offers the promises of an end-to-end eCommerce solution. A solution that is capable of hosting your webstore, while managing and fulfilling orders and interacting with ERP, Warehouse, Contact Center, and Point of Sale solutions.

As eCommerce and online sales continue to grow, so does the importance of logistics and logistics services. Our Truition eCommerce and Auction platforms tie-in directly with supply chain management, warehouse and ERP solutions, and can act as a standalone solution, or as part of your logistics hub.

Running an eCommerce channel can be extremely challenging with bad planning and solutions that can’t grow with your business. Your eCommerce platform should encompass your current needs with future needs to deliver the best fitting solution. As your online sales grow, the eCommerce solution will become an increasingly important centerpiece. Truition eCommerce platforms are designed to be that perfect fitting centerpiece.

Key Features

  • Built-In Order Management System
  • Easy Third Party Integration
  • Cloud-Based Platforms
  • Quarterly Platform Updates
  • Supports Multi-Language
  • Catalog Integration
  • Advanced Marketing/Merchandising Features
  • Mobile/mCommerce Applications

Here's what Truition eCommerce for Logistics Services can do for you

Scalable Platform

Our Truition eCommerce platforms are capable of scaling to your business and future growth. You won’t need to search other solutions in two or three years with our ongoing product development and feature-rich capabilities.

One Platform

Have all of your brands and domains on one platform with the same order management backend.


Our platforms are offered as on-demand solutions which means you don’t have to purchase additional servers and hardware to support growth and changes. It also means you can take advantage of our 24/7 up time guarantee.

Time To Market

Following our six-step project management methodology, we are experts in getting our clients online and running quickly and efficiently.