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Account Management

At your side during each step of your eCommerce strategy

At Truition eCommerce, we’re not only your technology solutions provider, but also your eCommerce partner. Each new client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager to provide client support and oversee the following tasks: managing operations, training, technical support escalations, project initiatives and business development, channel expansion, international market entry and pricing, and marketing strategies. Your Truition eCommerce Account Manager is there to add value at every stage of the process.

eCommerce strategy steps include


The Account Manager works in tandem with your Sales Manager to ensure there’s a clear understanding of your business model, vision, requirements and objectives. The Account Manager plays a critical role at this stage in the sales cycle, setting appropriate expectations and providing the groundwork for a long-term client relationship.

Implementation Cycle

During this project management phase, the Account Manager is responsible for ensuring that all business goals and objectives are being met and that new business opportunities are being explored.

Ongoing Client Management

The Account Manager/Client relationship continues post-launch, where the Account Manager schedules regular strategy review meetings covering growth opportunities, service quality and project status updates, ensuring your ongoing satisfaction. These meetings include discussion and analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), future business opportunities, product roadmap initiatives and platform maintenance plans.