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Reverse Logistics

Overstock & used merchandise finally has a place in your online strategy

The Truition eCommerce Reverse Logistics Module offers merchants and retailers the unique ability to add a secondary online sales channel to their eCommerce deployment without affecting current solutions, strategies, or brand integrity.

Retailers finally have a venue to sell merchandise at discounted rates through branded storefronts and customized marketplaces, which prevents negative impact to your company and brands. Our Reverse Logistics Module has helped some of the world’s biggest brands, including Dell Financial Services, sell overstock merchandise, and it can do the same for your business.

Dive into your reverse logistics solution

Holiday Returns Solution

Sell previously purchased merchandise at discounted rates to drive additional revenue and lower your overstock inventory.


Create individual micro-sites to sell specific brands or products, or even small “deals of the day” websites for fast sales, discounted products etc...

Independent Sales Channel

Use auctions as a way to create additional sales as part of a secondary online revenue channel without altering your existing strategies, platforms, or stores.

Customizable & Branded Solution

Our flexible platforms can be tailored to any needs to reflect your trusted brand and messaging.