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Truition CMS eCommerce Platform

Full eCommerce functionality in one platform, with lower total cost to drive online ROI

Our Truition CMS eCommerce Platform is a flexible, on-demand solution. The CMS platform delivers the performance and scalability required to successfully manage a high-volume online business, without the significant IT costs typically associated with a feature-rich eCommerce deployment.

Truition eCommerce has partnered with the world’s best technology, service and marketplace providers to give our clients simplified and cost-effective access to the best in eCommerce functionality–all on a single platform.

Dive into your Truition eCommerce solutions

Search & Merchandising

Our industry-leading merchandising engine features advanced site search, guided navigation, keyword/product promotions, path dependent promotions, cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, and rule-based campaigns to drive online sales.

Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart features product image thumbnails, savings notifications, editable quantities, coupon code entry, location-based shipping calculator, inventory locking, and more.

Business Intelligence

We integrate industry-leading Omniture SiteCatalyst reporting and analytics within our Truition CMS eCommerce platform to help our clients better understand their visitors and website trends.

Back Office

The Truition CMS eCommerce platform provides web-based access to a centralized back-office system that can integrate into ERP and warehouse management systems to manage inventory, customers, and orders.