Enterprise Resource Planning

With increased global competition and ever-changing market conditions, metals manufacturers need technology to manage the entire enterprise so they can focus on the issues they face in the industry. Aptean's software solutions for metals companies them align the entire organization, streamlining operations, reducing inefficiencies, and increasing profitability.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Today’s metals companies need to be more efficient, manage inventory, increase productivity, reduce quality, and keep quality up and costs down. No small challenge, with increasing global competition, changing markets and demand, and products that are fast becoming commodities. Companies that can keep quality high, stay responsive to customers’ needs, and control costs better than the competition are positioned for success.

Aptean's Axis ERP helps you automate and support the entire enterprise, from administrative to operations, helping you realize more return on investment in every area of the company. Axis is built for the way you do business, yet highly customizable to align with your business processes: 


Who it’s for

For metals, wire and cable manufacturers, processors and service centers, ranging from global corporations to family owned businesses that require advanced business solutions Axis ERP is designed to drive increased efficiency, reduce costs and maximize profitability.

How it’s different

Axis ERP has the specialized functionality that metals and wire and cable companies need to address the business challenges they face every day. Built by industry experts and continually updated based on the input of some of the world’s largest metals, wire and cable manufacturers—our customers, Axis delivers innovative, yet practical, solutions to your strategic operational challenges and real return on investment.

Why you need it

Axis ERP makes it possible for metals companies, and wire and cable manufacturers to manage their business operations using a common base of industry-specific information and business processes. Axis ERP contributes to the long-term success of companies by helping them:

  • Quickly develop, quote, and produce new products to exacting customer expectations
  • Consistently deliver high-quality products while decreasing lead times
  • Reduce costs and improve profitability
  • Effectively manage complex business models involving many customized products for many customers
  • Efficiently manufacture products in either low volume or high volume
  • Put high-cost capital equipment to the best possible use