Apprise ERP

Apprise ERP is designed to meet the needs of importers and distributors of consumer products. Apprise ERP includes tools and features that help retail suppliers manage and improve business-wide processes.

Apprise ERP


Apprise ERP is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution focused on consumer goods distribution. Because of this focus, Apprise ERP can handle your specific tasks and complex needs with little to no customizations. For importers and distributors of consumer goods, it is built to do what you do.


With Apprise ERP, you'll have more visibility and control over your entire operation:

  • Real-time profit visibility, know your top suppliers, products & customers
  • Accurate demand planning that includes seasonality, lead times & more
  • See your true bottom line, with royalties, taxes & fees included
  • Designed for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) orders and shipping
  • Easy retailer compliance and chargeback management
  • Integrated EDI and Managed EDI services
  • Includes tools for importing and warehouse management
  • Cloud or on-premise, with flexible pricing options


Apprise ERP offers an all-in-one system, built with the features you need to run your importing and distribution business, including:

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Financials
  • Demand Planning & Purchasing
  • Retail Compliance Management
  • Customer and Supplier Portals
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Integrated EDI and Managed EDI Services
  • Mobile Sales & Order Entry
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Import Management
  • Manufacturing

Functionality That Performs

  • Apprise ERP – whether deployed on-premise or via the cloud, Apprise ERP provides integrated functionality designed to streamline your entire supply chain.
  • Apprise Mobile – Apprise Mobile is fully-integrated into our ERP application, providing on-the-go access to real-time sales data like pricing, product details, inventory levels and customer account info.
  • Disaster Recovery – Apprise ERP Risk Management solutions provide you with flexible options to keep your business running when downtime is not an option.
  • Manufacturing – advanced planning and scheduling tools help you spot bottlenecks, plan workloads, create what if scenarios, and view inventory and capacity plans side-by-side for a comprehensive view into planning options.
  • Warehouse Management – Whether you operate from your own warehouse, or utilize 3PL space, the integrated WMS within Apprise ERP will help you manage your most demanding receiving, putaway and picking tasks for maximum supply chain performance.
  • Analytics & Reporting – Apprise ERP reporting tools give you access to the data you need to analyze performance at the customer and product levels, and gain better insight into customer profitability.
  • Demand Planning – Apprise DRP tools integrate point-of-sale data, customer forecasts, historical sales trends, seasonality, supplier lead times and more to help you optimize purchasing decisions.
  • Retail Compliance – integrated chargeback management tools enable you to measure, track, dispute and recover retailer chargebacks. And integrated EDI functionality enables you to improve seamless communication with your trading partners.
  • Support – gain access to our knowledgeable support team – available around the clock, around the globe.
  • Customer Portal – our integrated customer portal provides secure access to the products, customer-specific pricing and terms, and order entry tools you need to streamline your processes, improve data accuracy and provide stellar customer service.
  • Financials – gain real-time insight into company performance with complete drill-down capabilities. And you can establish companies, fiscal periods, accounts, currencies, and budgets all aligned with the way you do business for maximum efficiencies and management control.
  • Sales & Service – with Apprise ERP, your customer service team will have the tools it needs to accurately process orders for maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Professional Services – through our industry focus and expertise, our teams will provide advice and best-practice recommendations on business processes to help optimize your efficiencies, reduce costs, improve business performance and maximize profitability.
  • Cloud ERP – offering the same integrated tools and functionality as our on-premise solutions, our cloud offerings give you the flexibility to manage and grow your business using fewer internal resources and without the installation and hardware investments associated with traditional ERP models.
  • Import Management – Apprise ERP helps you achieve perfect order fulfillment to get your customers the right products, price, and quantity, at the right time.
  • Transportation & Logistics – with integrated route management tools, dynamic routing, BOLs & packing slips, Apprise ERP helps you ship product to your customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, while providing you with full visibility into your shipments.