Computron Financials

Computron’s Enterprise Financials offer a world class platform for medium to large organizations to successfully manage all their accounting and business management processes, efficiently and securely within their regulated environments.

It offers a highly adaptable General Ledger and integrated solutions to manage Procurement, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets and Accounts Receivable that perform across a range of sectors, either stand alone, or as part of the suite.

Computron Financials


At a much lower cost and with significantly faster implementation, Computron delivers a quality of solution and a top end functionality, normally only available from expensive and resource hungry Financial ERP offerings. Its products drive success in all sectors and through its rich experience within Banking, Insurance, Government, Transportation and Pharmaceuticals it has a reputation for adaptability and for addressing complex transaction sets and accounting requirements in a manner that suits the business. Through user defined parameter choices, rather than coding, its flexible, multi-dimensional structure allows organizations, ranging from local subsidiaries to the very largest corporations in the world, to define their multiple reporting structures and accounting processes. Its highly configurable workflow featuring mobile iPad approval, enables the key business processes to be automated and managed.


To thrive in today’s market place you need to be excellent on all fronts and play within the rules.The imperative to run specialized, customer centric business systems should not be allowed to constrain the quality, effectiveness and agility of your back office finance systems and the essential processes they too support.The Computron suite of financial applications offers both uncompromised functionality and easy integration with your other business systems, third party or in-house, enabling your organization to build a cost effective, high performance, integrated platform across all its key operations. Its automation, audit and decision support capabilities ensure business processes operate efficiently and within regulatory and compliance tolerances.


With Computron Enterprise financials, your core business management processes are quickly configured to meet your specific business requirements:

  • Financial Management (FM) Featuring:
    • General Ledger
    • Allocations & Revaluations
    • Account balance reconciliation
    • Transaction Approval and Control
    • Budget Preparation and Approval
    • Balance sheet and cash flow budgeting
    • Management, Financial and Corporate Reporting
  • Public Sector Budgeting and Reporting
    • Revenue, Spend and Payroll budgets
    • Forecasts
    • Fund, Program and Departmental Analysis
    • Manage and control limited resources
    • Distribute information, drive accountability
    • Integrates with existing Finance and Payroll System
    • Combine the Municipality’s Activities into a single view
    • Rapid deployment and results
  • Procure to Pay (P2P)
    • Requisitions and Approvals
    • Commitment tracking
    • Ordering
    • Invoice Capture and OCR
    • Matching and invoice approval
    • Mobile iPad approval
    • Disbursement approval and payment processing
    • Payment reconciliation
    • Vendor and catalogue management
    • Enquiries and analysis
  • Revenue Management (RM)
    • Customer and Billing systems integration
    • Direct Invoicing
    • Receivables and Collections Management
    • Reminders and statements
    • Automated, rule based cash receipting and matching
    • Adjustment processing
    • Cash disbursement approval and payment processing
    • Payment reconciliation
    • Enquiries and analysis
  • Business Performance Management
    • Integrates with Computron and other databases
    • Interactive Reports and Dashboards
    • Proactive alerts
    • Predictive Budget modelling
    • Dynamic Reporting structures
    • Integrated Excel based reporting