CoreTrac CRM

Designed specifically for Financial Institutions, CoreTrac’s CRM solution gives you a centralized 360° view of clients, enabling you and your workforce to deliver outstanding customer experience.

CoreTrac CRM


Every industry has it's own unique challenges and opportunities. As a Financial Institution, a standard cookie- cutter CRM solution is not a good fit for you as it’s doesn’t get your unique challenges and constraints. You need a specialized CRM like CoreTrac that integrates with your business solutions and helps breakdown silos to create personalized customer experience across all departments and all channels of communications.


Your clients are more connected that ever. This is why you need a CRM that’s tailored for you and can help you deliver memorable and consistent experience to your clients. CoreTrac enables you to build stronger connections with your clients by providing a centralized view of all of their information including their experiences and communications. This unified view will enable you to build better relationships, sell more and expand your opportunities.

With CoreTrac CRM, you can maximize your competitive advantage and achieve tremendous benefits by:

  • Providing consistent and meaningful experience to your clients
  • Giving you centralized view of clients information – eliminating departmental and data silos
  • Routing clients to the right person/agent/advisor so that they can be followed up in a timely manner
  • Enabling you to nurture relationships that support cross-selling and increase share-of-wallet
  • Letting you educate your clients with relevant and timely personalized communications that’s easy to create and track
  • Empowering you with business analytics and insights


CoreTrac CRM is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution that can help you build better relationships with your customer and achieve operational efficiency, resulting in revenue growth for your organization. It offers:

  • Prospect and Client Management
  • Sales and Pipeline Management
  • Case and Support Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Profitability Tracking
  • Employee Performance & Remuneration Tracking
  • Marketing Communication Management
  • Product Recommendations Engine
  • Reports & Analytics