Event Management Framework (EMF)

Event Management Framework (EMF) is a single solution that monitors systems across the organization to provide a ‘big picture’ view of the events that affect your business and alerting you to anomalies for swift resolution.

With EMF, organizations that require an enterprise-wide view into business issues that can escalate into material problems, can predict and react to events in any enterprise system – and then deliver targeted information to the appropriate organizational departments via automated notifications.

Event Management Framework (EMF)


EMF features an innovative, easy to use toolkit designed to customize the solution based on each organization’s unique business processes. From regulatory compliance to fraud detection and operational controls, EMF provides early, actionable insights into the issues that can escalate into big problems.


An organization with state-of-the-art risk management across the enterprise is always a step ahead of the competition. EMF oversees and provides peace of mind so that companies can focus on growth and providing outstanding customer service.


EMF combs through vast data from various sources and flags issued based on pre-set parameters. The EMF early-warning system provides notifications through a variety of communications channels, allowing you to run a more agile organization and quickly react and resolve events that could threaten business.

Many enterprise systems generate alerts to help you identify trends and react to processes that are outside the normal range. For maximum business impact, however, you need a comprehensive view – a perspective on events that are, or will soon be, affecting your organization. In the past, obtaining this level of visibility meant a major integration project. 

Event Management Framework is designed to provide actionable insight into events across your business. Easily linked with your existing systems and configured to generate alerts in the format you choose, Event Management Framework is a one-stop shop for your alerting requirements. 

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