Business Activity Monitoring

Build your own alert processes to become more proactive and more competitive.

Business Activity Monitoring

Monitoring enterprise activities is a fundamental part of doing business, but it can also be a challenging and resource-consuming process. Enterprise Framework Management combines business activity monitoring with your key performance indicators (KPIs) to give you a longer-term view of your performance criteria – and how you’re performing against them.

EMF effectively collects, calculates and presents them in a relevant format, making EMF an indispensable tool for supporting business activity monitoring.

By setting tolerances for critical aspects of your operation, workers and management can focus on the business, periodically checking KPIs to determine whether adjustments are required to maintain progress against objectives. You can also set alerts to monitor KPIs for new suppliers or vendors – assessing their performance against contractual service agreements until reliability is clearly demonstrated.

  • Rule-Based Alerting
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Alert Automation


Keeps You on Budget

Manage budgets tighter when you receive alerts that your budget is within "x" percentage of use or is already overspent.

Streamlines Work Order Management

If the duration of an open work order slips, alert Operations to re-allocate resources or re-route jobs to meet production time schedules.

Monitors Process Control Tolerances

If quality control standards and tolerances are not being met, notify QA, Maintenance, or Engineering.

Tracks Materials and Deliveries

If materials required for manufacturing operation do not arrive at a work cell before safety stock is broached, alert Operations. Alert your Traffic or Expeditor if scheduled JIT inventory delivery is more than "n" minutes late.

Ensures Scheduled Maintenance

Alert maintenance staff if scheduled preventative maintenance "lock-out" does not occur.

Ensures Quality Control

Initiate a replenishment cycle as soon as material levels hit ROP, or trigger an alert if materials fail incoming inspections.