Developer Tools

Event Management Framework provides great tools for great developers.

Developer Tools

EMF enables developers to build maintainable applications with rich functionality in the fastest possible time with practically zero coding. With EMF, developers can add enterprise messaging capabilities to existing applications with ease, saving on development costs and providing significant reductions in development time.


  • Advanced User Interface
  • Conditional Processing
  • Support for Third-Party Editors
  • EAI Support
  • Support for XML


Enable Device-Independent Two-way Messaging

Provide reliable messaging for your applications using a wide variety of devices. Recipients can be people or systems, and can be specified in a number of ways. Recipients may also be dynamically passed into EMF or retrieved on the fly from an LDAP store.

Enable User/System Interaction

Notification is just a small part of EMF. The real power to the enterprise is when you let users decide how they want their notifications, including by email, text message, dynamic web pages, dashboards and more.

Support for EAI

Interoperate and extract information from a whole range of systems including Ross ERP, Supply Chain, Pivotal CRM and third party business systems.

Logic/Conditional Processing

EMF makes it easy for you to create content-driven conditional processing. To create an application that executes specific processes based on the values submitted from an html form is an absolute breeze using EMF. The same application can also be driven from messages on a JMS queue!

Event Detection and Management

EMF is a fully featured Event Management Platform allowing you to either mine for information in your information systems or push events from SQL triggers or applications.

Handle XML with Ease

EMF has comprehensive XML support allowing you to read, create and use XSLT and XPATH functionality.

Third Party Editor Support

The majority of the editors in EMF allow you to launch your preferred editing tool, so if you are writing JavaScript, you may wish to launch UltraEdit or Visual Studio.