Enterprise Alert Management

Sense and respond to business events faster than ever before

Enterprise Alert Management

Having a single system that watches over your entire enterprise for important events and information is not a far-fetched idea. Event Management Framework (EMF) combines the best of alerting technologies with proactive event detection and flexible resolution workflows. By predicting and reacting to events and information in your disparate business systems, EMF initiates a full-circle process to notify the right people on the right channel, and monitors the response and feedback.

EMF delivers a 24/7 view of your company that you’ve never had before. By pro-actively addressing non-events, such as the lack of response to a purchase order, an overdue delivery, or a missing time sheet entry, EMF can help solve problems before they even matter.


  • Real-Time Notifications via Dashboards,Text, and More
  • Automation of Manual Processes
  • Execution Triggering and Notification
  • Response Tracking
  • Automatic Rules-based Escalation


Detect Events Quickly

Set alerts to help proactively detect events such as possible duplicate invoices, customer-exceeded credit limits, raw goods received, or incomplete customer records.

Monitor Enterprise Performance

Power your dashboard with performance data on financials, employees, retail/supply chain and your perfect order index.

Automate Tedious Processes

Automatically check and fulfill EDI orders, trigger new production orders, authorize invoices, pay approved invoices on due date, and e-mail customers when their orders ship.

Track Responses

Track your response to customers including credit cards due to expire/expired, goods not delivered, differences between your PO and received quantities, and corrective action taken/not taken.