Governance, Risk & Compliance

Stay on track with alerts and event management for corporate governance.

IGovernance, Risk & Compliance

The larger your organization, the tougher it is to ensure everyone is aligned with governance goals, including regulations related to anti-corruption and bribery. Event Management Framework (EMF) provides a powerful structure for governance, risk management and compliance needs across your organization, no matter how large or how small your business may be.

Set up global, regional and local rules, alerts and notifications to protect your company. For example, EMF supports Ground Rules and Constraints, environmental, social, ethical and Supply Chain compliance; brokers information between internal systems and external partner systems; supports continuous auditing and continuous monitoring; and is often used by internal audit teams as a control tool throughout the company.

In addition to EMF alerts, the technology can be used at a macro level to supply your board, executives, audit committee and other stakeholders with the reporting output and transparency they need to do business. Your executives can quickly see the "big picture" and drill down on specific feeds to the level of detail they need.