Aptean Factory MES Improve

Close the loop between potential and actual improvements across your enterprise.

Aptean Factory MES Improve

Factory MES Improve provides complete transparency of improvement initiatives throughout the factory and wider enterprise. Re-ignite corporate CI initiatives and close the loop between potential and actual improvements using pre-built capabilities. Manage improvement campaigns online fuelled using root cause analysis and known methods including Kaizen Blitz events and Six Sigma. Engage continuous workforce commitment through direct shop floor interaction and review points. Benchmark and compare improvements across the enterprise.

Using intelligence collected from day-to-day shop floor activities, Factory MES Improve provides the foundation for prioritizing key initiatives, executing root cause analysis and measuring the performance impact of implemented actions. By categorizing performance issues around the major losses affecting production, the Improve module automatically quantifies the greatest opportunities to recover lost hours and production units. Pre-configured online campaigns can be created with established improvement targets, which are then tracked against the teams’ ongoing daily performance.



Continuous improvement initiatives that are repeatable and transferable across the plant network.

Quick ROI

Out-of-the-box implementation proven to generate 'quick wins' and positive results within two weeks of going live.

Consistent Performance

Compliance to proven working practices within Factory MES's real-time intelligence and action alerts.

Shop Floor Ownership

Standardized improvement templates designed for the real-time world of the shop floor, using best practices from verified improvement techniques.

Prioritized Initiatives

Identify patterns for long-term improvement, pinpoint capital investment priorities and establish new performance targets for factory teams.