Aptean Factory MES Services

We know about change. Factory MES services takes the risk out of technology implementations.

Aptean Factory MES Services

Factory MES technology includes a proven change method that focuses on developing a structure of daily reviews to drive better performance – in every run, every shift and every day. The process develops workplace skills, so employees can manage their own improvements. The solution is typically deployed in 6-8 weeks per factory, with high-visibility results by week 10.

For multi-site rollouts, Factory MES is implemented using a standard Project Execution Template (PET). This ensures rapid deployment and standardization across the enterprise and creates a standard platform for managing and measuring daily operations.


We developed the 3-day Factory MES Profit Audit to address the specific needs of process-intensive manufacturers who want to set margin expansion objectives and see quick improvements. The audit identifies key productivity elements that directly affect manufacturing cost margins. The resulting recommendations focus on actions that require minimal capital consumption and give you an agenda for rapid performance improvements based on your greatest continuously available tool your hourly paid workforce. Based on a library of industry statistics, the Factory MES Profit Audit analyzes your plant’s true operating efficiency compared to its “reported” efficiency.

The Factory MES Profit Audit delivers a detailed execution plan designed to drive real performance changes in approx. 12 weeks.


Our consulting services are designed to assist customers as they manage the necessary culture change and achieve the maximum possible benefits from Factory MES. Buy-in, involvement, risk management and senior-level commitment are the essential elements to changing behavior. We bring together a multi-disciplinary team with specific expertise in project management, education, automation and continuous improvement practices. They all come packaged under a proven delivery model designed to take customers live within 6 weeks and delivering results within 10 and executed by a team who are experts in their field.

Our global perspective supports multi-national implementations that span continents and follow a proven, systematic model to ensure consistency and quick results.


Factory MES makes action unavoidable by implementing focused improvement programs and instituting habitual conformance to standard practices and software use on the factory floor.

Factory MES has packaged best practice improvement techniques into an action-orientated solution that delivers real performance benefits just weeks after going live. Focused on immediate 'quick wins,' factory floor teams take ownership of opportunities, implement routines and rituals to review performance, and learn the key tools and techniques they need to identify root-cause solutions.

Typical techniques include:

  • Lean and Six Sigma frameworks
  • Kaizen workshops focused on set-up/changeover reductions
  • Root cause analysis
  • SMED (Single minute exchange of die)
  • Short interval control (SIC) methods

If you’re interested in road-testing what Factory MES can do for your plant performance, please register for a Factory MES Profit Audit. This invaluable, 3-day workshop pinpoints specific areas for improvement, cost reductions, and performance metrics relevant to your operation.



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