IMI Supply Chain

IMI is a supply chain management software solution whose architecture provides for extremely reliable and scalable transaction handling for companies for whom dynamic supply chain management is a key competitive advantage.

IMI provides high-volume distribution for real-time control of multi-enterprise, multi-channel, multi-language and multi-currency requirements.

IMI Supply Chain


Unlike many SCM software solutions, IMI is engineered to solve high volume, complex supply chain challenges, and offers a cost-effective, low-risk and rapid implementation that will automate and optimize every operation inside and across your warehouses and fulfillment processes.


IMI is packed with features that will help you automate and streamline your supply chain operations and collaborate with your partners:

  • Anticipate your customers’ demand and respond quickly with planning and forecasting to reduce safety stock levels and automate purchasing and replenishment.
  • Leverage advanced algorithms and real-time control to organize and optimize warehouse operations through system directed tasks, from receiving to shipping, delivering productivity gains in inventory, labor, physical space, time and costs.
  • Gain visibility across purchasing, sales and returns order processes, with enterprise flexibility to prioritize and balance inventory availability, pricing, sourcing and capacity, across channels and organizational models.
  • Provide fully integrated e-commerce solutions with self-serve web and mobile applications to connect and collaborate with customers and suppliers.
  • Take advantage of dynamic routing and flow-through capabilities, and your products can be shipped from your suppliers' loading dock to your retail stores or end consumers – saving you even more time and money.
  • Ensure stable and reliable execution, with outstanding transaction processing performance and scalability to support business growth and change.

With a single, consistent, real-time view of your entire global supply chain, IMI Supply Chain gives you greater inventory control to lower safety stock levels, and select the optimal fulfillment channels to reduce cycle times.


IMI SCM software provides a broad range of integrated, open standards-based solutions that service key areas of complex supply chains and distribution networks, including:

  • Extended warehouse management
  • Real-time mobile and voice solutions
  • Advanced order management
  • Global inventory visibility
  • Demand and supply planning
  • Trading partner collaboration
  • Coordinated fulfillment
  • Warehouse resource optimization
  • Operational decision support
  • Transportation management


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