Supply Chain Services

Comprehensive supply chain services ensuring your success.

Supply Chain Services

Our Supply Chain experts are ready to help you build a world-class Supply Chain department or division. By providing applications development, implementation and training support, we make sure that you have everything you need. Get the most out of your solutions.

Supply Chain Professional Services

We are driven by a single goal: to ensure your Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution delivers exceptional business value. We offer a comprehensive range of supply chain management services to accelerate and increase the return on your supply chain management (SCM) investment, while reducing risk and cost of ownership.


  • Implementation Services – Meet your business objectives and accelerate return on investment with complete pre-packaged and custom implementation services designed to help you realize the full potential of your SCM solution with speed and efficiency. We also offer the QuickStart Implementation Service for rapid upfront returns with the flexibility to extend and enhance your solution at your own pace.
  • Customized Training – Enjoy training courses aligned to your specific company objectives, industry terminology, and business processes. We work with you to understand your organization's requirements and deliver training tailored to fit your needs. We can help your instructors get the knowledge and skills they need to deliver effective training to your end users.
  • Technical Account Management – Our senior technical resources provide ongoing guidance and recommendations to ensure your purchased SCM applications and the technology infrastructure on which they are built are working up to their full potential.
  • Performance Health Check Services – Meet the performance, stability, and reliability standards your users demand. We can provide complete diagnostic analysis and optimization services to enhance or stabilize your system.
  • Application Management Services – Outsource the administration and customization of your SCM solutions to a dedicated team of specialists. We can maintain and administer your on-site SCM solutions efficiently and cost-effectively over their lifetime.
  • Upgrade Services – Keep up with SCM platform enhancements and applications to ensure you're capitalizing on our latest innovations. We bring you the people, best practices, and technology that protect and optimize your SCM investment and smooth upgrade transitions.

Supply Chain Technical Services: IT Outsourcing Solutions

Our TechGroup provides several types of “outsourcing” services and deep technical knowledge to provide high availability, performance and functionality to sophisticated business functions such as  ERP systems, e-commerce, Internet solutions, E-mail, backup/restore solutions, and WAN/LAN access.

With ever-evolving supply networks, unpredictable order volumes and an increasingly demanding customer base, technical platforms and applications need to be continuously monitored and tuned resulting in unpredictable costs for operating, hardware upgrades and staff. Outsourcing of business functions is an essential solution for companies to understand and identify their operational IT costs.


  • Managed Hosting – We provide a guaranteed availability to the platform, including operating system and database. We are also providing the hardware platform, day to day operation support and backup/restore functionality.
  • Hosting/CoLocation – For the Customer who is looking for a secure “state of the art” IT environment (EN 1047 standard, including UPS, Diesel backup, fire protection, etc) our Hosting/CoLocation is a great solution. Optionally, we provide support, backup/restore solutions and other services.
  • RoS (Remote Operative Support) – RoS is a way for the Customers who have decided to maintain the hardware platform “in house” to have remote surveillance.  We use our surveillance tool to monitor several hundred parameters associated to the hardware platform, operating system, database and also for critical processes in the application.  If a problem is detected, SMS and Mail will be sent to our support team for immediate attention.
  • Disaster Recovery Process – In the event of a disaster at the Customer site we are prepared with comprehensive disaster recovery processes.  Our team attends regular training to make sure that we have accurate backups, spare platforms, WAN access, etc., in the event of a disaster.  Our goal is to bring our Customers IT infrastructure back up and in working order as quickly as possible.