Intuitive Business Intelligence

Intuitive Business Intelligence

What if you could spend your day analyzing data and making informed decisions—instead of mining data and creating your own spreadsheets? Intuitive’s outstanding suite of Business Intelligence tools provides you with the critical business information you need for faster and more informed decision-making.

Intuitive ERP graphically displays critical sales, purchasing, inventory, production and financial activity data. From a global view of your business, you can review summary information, drill down into transaction-level detail and easily prepare presentation-quality reports. These tools are also integrated with Microsoft Office to provide maximum flexibility.

Decision Management Tool

Intuitive's unique Decision Management Tool (DMT) provides management the visibility of those key elements that provide vital information on the health of your company. With DMT, you can:

  • Monitor business performance
  • Identify trends
  • Work with data in comfortable and flexible setting of Microsoft Excel
  • Generate HTML files with DMT data

DMT tracks and analyzes over 50 key performance indicators (KPIs) using data from Intuitive ERP. These indicators (that include Return on Assets, Return on Net Worth, Inventory Turns, Days Sales in A/R, Current Ratios, Quick Ratios, and many more), are calculated automatically for you and displayed instantly.

You can compare periods, quarters, or years, and can therefore track the changes in your company's health throughout time.

The Decision Management Tool indicators may be displayed in spreadsheet format or graphically, depending on your preferences, and may be e-mailed, faxed, etc., from within the spreadsheet. This outstanding feature is comparable to packages that sell for tens of thousands of dollars by themselves, and is included in the base price of the system—no extra charge required.

Ad Hoc Report Wizard

The Intuitive ERP Ad Hoc Report Wizard provides all of your users with the freedom to quickly and easily create custom reports based on Intuitive ERP data. The key to the real power of this product is that no database, query building, field name or programming knowledge is necessary to take full advantage of the features of the Ad Hoc Report Wizard. All the user needs to know is which fields they want on the report and in which order they want them in, and the Wizard takes care of the rest.

With this tool, any Intuitive ERP user can make simple or sophisticated custom reports without difficulty—and without needing to know any data structures or having to make modifications to the system. The user can also add simple or complex calculations to reports without needing to understand programmatically how to make this happen. You can also see test results right on the screen as you specify the formula.

The Wizard includes built-in field-level security so that users cannot access data to which they do not have permissions. Users can create personal reports for their own use, or published reports that appear on all user menus.


  • Excel® type data display
  • One-click “Export to Excel” for easy graphing and distribution
  • Dynamic borders and floating data for easy reading
  • Ability to dynamically change filters on the fly

Form Wizard

Enhancing Intuitive ERP software’s advanced usability, Intuitive Form Wizard helps you match your company’s specific businesses processes by making basic modifications to your enterprise system.

You gain immediate control to quickly and easily edit and update forms. No longer must you disrupt your daily Intuitive operations each time a modification is needed. No longer must you contact Aptean to implement baseline changes. With Intuitive Form Wizard, you’re able to tailor Intuitive ERP software to the way you work—without the programming skills of your IT experts.


With Intuitive Form Wizard, you have the flexibility and freedom to make ongoing changes to your forms. You can edit the appearance of standard Intuitive forms to create required fields, such as descriptions, quantities, currency, dropdown lists, dates and memos. You can also label fields to match your company’s terminology and change the sequence of fields on a form to sync with your business processes, improving your speed and accuracy.

Using the wide range of tailoring capabilities available within Intuitive Form Wizard, you can add and position tabs to an Intuitive form and insert fields to the powerful grid capability. You can also designate business users with configuration rights. 

And because all changes are stored as data, any upgrades to your Intuitive system will have little to no effect on any form modifications.



  • Keep track of notes for each customer.
  • Flag key customers.
  • Add fields to track additional customer region information.
  • View additional customer information while entering sales orders.


  • Add a dropdown list to the Vendor Card to capture Vendor Types.
  • Add a dropdown box on the Purchase Order to choose from a list of special instructions.
  • Add codes to Purchase Order lines for Customs information.
  • Capture and track metrics related to Purchase Inspect information.


  • Track additional information related to Work Orders.
  • Capture and track quality metrics related to WIP Inspect information.


  • Add additional fields for further sub-categorizing your chart of accounts, using this information for custom financial reporting.
  • Track additional information related to A/P Invoices. Additionally, Intuitive Form Wizard enables you to simplify forms, providing an easy way for management to quickly and easily check customer, sales order, financial, purchasing and manufacturing information.


While Intuitive Form Wizard is designed to easily allow you to make quick changes to your forms, you may have more advanced requirements. To assist you in leveraging the full power of Intuitive Form Wizard, our consultants can assist your efforts by helping you review business processes, identify Intuitive Form Wizard changes and document the results.


  • Extend form capabilities
  • Tailor forms to your unique and changing business requirements
  • Enhance data entry process with ability to specify tab stops
  • Significantly reduce the costs and time commonly associated with form modifications and business process improvements
  • Simplify new version upgrades