Intuitive ERP Software

The Intuitive ERP system provides an intuitive and flexible tool set that can handle all the front and back-office operations of a discrete manufacturing company.

Intuitive ERP Software

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With its superior planning capabilities and user interfaces, Intuitive ERP provides the information required to quickly and easily react to scheduling problems as they occur. This advanced planning functionality allows you to reduce costs and increase productivity by eliminating stock shortages, improving delivery performance, and increasing flexibility in building your demand schedule.

Easily analyze material requirements with graphical pegging information and make accurate delivery commitments on the fly with dynamic available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) tools. Generate and modify material plans on demand.


  • Check availability and commit orders using Dynamic CTP
  • Analyze material requirements using a graphical pegging tool
  • Plan materials instantly with Dynamic MRP
  • Search for material and capacity problems and easily enact solutions through the Planners Workbench

Inventory Management

Effective management of finished goods, work-in-process and raw material is critical to your entire operation. Instant access to real-time data allows you to track inventory levels by item, location, product family and historical usage with the click of a button. Complete cradle-to-grave serial number tracking is also included.

Simplify daily inventory transactions and increase user productivity with automated features for frequently performed tasks. Intuitive ERP provides a robust and structured materials management system—everything you need to accurately control inventory transactions, product costs and material usage.


  • Control inventory
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Track material location/lot information and/or serial numbers
  • Perform cycle counting and physical inventories
  • Track serial numbers from "cradle to grave"
  • Process bar coded transactions
  • Collect shop floor data
  • Costing

Engineering Management

Increase production cost control and resource management efficiency with flexible bills of material management. Introduce engineering changes without losing control of manufacturing operations and assess the impact of engineering changes throughout your operations.


  • Create visual bills of material
  • Generate and maintain flexible routings
  • Track and control engineering changes
  • Manage product lifecycles

Purchasing Management

Manage all purchasing activities from a complete electronic RFQ system to preferred vendor selection to entering bids and from purchase order entry to receiving and inspecting. Take advantage of quantity breaks and vendor performance tracking to minimize spending.


  • Create and manage vendor RFQs
  • Maintain a bid matrix
  • Manage PO requisitions
  • Enter purchase orders and manage procurement
  • Generate purchase orders from planned orders
  • Receive and inspect vendor shipments

Manufacturing Management

Intuitive ERP’s fully-featured manufacturing functions help you manage your work-in-process activities and increase the productivity of your manufacturing staff with labor-saving features that provide more control over production and scheduling.

Quickly generate work orders from planned orders. Maximize manufacturing efficiency with automated backflushing, infinite and finite loading, forward and backward scheduling. Better manage labor and equipment capacity with powerful shop floor scheduling and explore “what if” scenarios to rapidly identify and resolve schedule conflicts and load issues. Manufacturing and accounting data are completely integrated to help you accurately track product costs.


  • Enter and track work orders
  • Plan and schedule production
  • Monitor production status and material and equipment capacity
  • Track time and attendance

Financial Management

Intuitive ERP’s comprehensive and flexible financial management features allow you to track the flow of money in your company in a secure and accurate environment. Sophisticated functionality streamlines transactions and provides instant access to all your financial data, from summary views to transaction-level drill-down detail.

Manage and process your accounts payable and accounts receivable. Track all accounting activity with Intuitive ERP’s general ledger and easily generate financial statements, budgets and other advanced financial reports.


  • Create budgets and monitor cash flow
  • Process accounts payable
  • Process accounts receivable
  • Track material, labor and production costs
  • Reconcile financial accounts
  • Generate general ledger activities
  • Produce and distribute advanced financial reporting
  • Ad Hoc Report Wizard

Order Processing

Visualize the reaction when you custom-configure a complex, dimensional product, provide a detailed quote and enter a sales order—all while sitting in your customer's office.

Intuitive ERP’s complete order processing functionality, including direct quote-to-sales order conversion, revision tracking, full-featured order entry forms, multiple commission options, sales analysis reporting, and more, provides the tools necessary to maximize the efficiency of your sales force. After sales orders are entered, Intuitive ERP takes the newly created demand and reserves inventory or generates planned purchase orders and work orders to procure raw materials and build manufactured parts. Once the finished goods are complete and available to be shipped, sales orders are fulfilled and invoiced.


  • Provide quotes and estimates
  • Easily enter and/or maintain simple or complex sales orders
  • Configure new items, bills of material and routings on-the-fly
  • Process point-of-sale purchases
  • Maintain complex price matrices
  • Maintain a matrix between your Item IDs and your Customers' Item IDs
  • Promise deliveries

Product Configurator

With the Aptean Product Configurator, Intuitive provides the tool set that manufacturers of custom-configured products have been longing for. The Product Configurator, an optional module for Intuitive ERP, streamlines the quotation and ordering of configure-to-order products to deliver accurate pricing, product configuration and specifications, as well as bill-of-material and process routings—all generated on-the-fly.

The Intuitive ERP Product Configurator solution provides unprecedented configuration tools to give engineer-to-order, make-to-order, or configure-to-order manufacturing companies a competitive edge. The Product Configurator is fully integrated with the sales, inventory, costing and quoting modules of the Intuitive ERP system.


The Product Configurator enables your sales force and customers to configure customized products, viewing design and pricing changes automatically as configuration modifications are made. This significantly reduces quote development time and effort, while providing 100 percent accurate product specification and pricing to your customer.

The Intuitive ERP Product Configurator also simplifies the collection and management of critical product data for sales and order entry functions:

  • 80 percent simplification of information system files and structures
  • 80 percent reduction in part structures maintenance and storage
  • 80 percent reduction in item masters maintenance and storage
  • 90 percent reduction in routings maintenance and storag
  • 100 percent elimination of modular bills of materials (also known as planning bills or pseudo bills)

By passing configured data throughout your enterprise, order entry time is reduced and efficiency of product data is increased, making product delivery to your customers faster and more accurate.


The Product Configurator provides incredible visibility into the configuration process. The user can actually see a model of the parent item being created as they select different options throughout the configuration process.


The Product Configurator can be executed from a Web browser and allows the user to execute product configuration concurrently or independently—utilizing one universal set of product configuration rules and objects which unilaterally drive configured Bills of Material, Configured Product Routings, Configured Prices, Configured Quote Documents, and Configured Costs.


Implementing the Intuitive ERP Product Configurator is very simple compared to other configurators. Following the Intuitive model, the interface is easy to use and understand, and the implementer does not need to be a developer in order to establish the user-defined rules and configuration settings using the Product Configurator’s integrated development environment.

Quality Control

By implementing an ERP system, you are already taking the first step in improving quality control across your entire operation. Intuitive ERP takes that level of quality a step further with specific quality-focused tools to assist your company in achieving optimal quality control over your products, performance and procedures.

Maintain a high-level of product quality with complete inspection procedures—from raw materials, to work-in-process, to customer returns. Easily track defective materials and assign them for return to vendor, scrap, or rework. Effectively track your production performance and procedures with statistical process control tools and provide exactly the data your vendors are looking for when reporting back to them on the quality of their products. The increased quality of your products and the efficiency of your operations will significantly contribute to a more satisfied customer base.


  • Inspect incoming (purchased) materials
  • Inspect outgoing (manufactured) materials
  • Inspect returned materials
  • Track processes with Statistical Process Control
  • Maintain calibration and maintenance data on instruments used in production


Intuitive’s SPC module provides real-time Statistical Process Control at all inspection points throughout the Intuitive ERP system, including work-in-process, purchasing, and material review and return.

This module completes the Intuitive ERP quality cycle with a dynamic tool that can capture and analyze high-level data using statistical techniques to help you maintain and improve your company’s process capabilities. Intuitive SPC delivers several enterprise-wide benefits, including:

  • Reduction of scrap, material waste, and returned goods
  • Improved manufacturing productivity
  • Satisfaction of contract-imposed SPC requirements
  • Achievement of detailed traceability and audit trails to help attain ISO 9000 and/or QS-9000 requirements
  • Compression of timeframe to launch new products
  • Increased customer satisfaction as product quality improves
  • Increased corporate profitability as quality improvements find the bottom line

More than just a data entry and charting tool, Intuitive’s SPC module is a complete real-time system that combines data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, communication, and reporting all in a single screen. The Intuitive SPC module includes advanced SPC features, such as:

  • True real-time monitoring and charting
  • Variable, attribute, and Pareto capabilities within a single file
  • Completely customizable scaling, point sizing, and viewing options
  • Gage R&R with scheduling feature


With Intuitive SPC, you can create inspection files, enter data, display charts, and generate inspection reports in seconds. Charts automatically update as inspection data is entered, while color-coded status flags visually alert inspectors of changing specifications or control conditions. In addition, the following features provide for an extremely rich user interface and minimize data collection time:

  • Hands-free data collection from gages, scales, CMMs, optical comparators, and bar code readers
  • Multiple gage input
  • Auto Notes for quick data entry, as well as custom notes fields for additional data entry when required
  • Variable data input for single characteristic or for complete subgroups at a time
  • Withholding of samples from control limit calculation
  • Data Log for tracking changes and deletions of data for full traceability


You can configure Intuitive SPC to display multiple charts or graphs on a single screen to accommodate personal preferences and corporate requirements. Hundreds of charts, graphs and spreadsheets are available, including:

  • Variable charts (Xbar and R, Xbar and S, Median &R, X & Moving R)
  • Run charts
  • Vertical and Horizontal histograms with curve fittings
  • Attribute charts (p, np, c, u, DPMO)
  • Pareto, Composite Pareto, and Notes Pareto charts
  • Six Sigma Capability for Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk with distribution curves
  • Overlay charts
  • 3 chart
  • Nominals chart for short-run data


Intuitive SPC provides superior flexibility and depth of data analysis. This functionality allows you to perform highly-refined queries on entire data sets and to customize the results of your inspection data in the way that is easiest to understand and most meaningful to your organization. Intuitive SPC includes the following analysis features:

  • Non-normal data analysis utilizing Johnson and Lognormal distribution analysis modes
  • Estimated or calculated sigma for control limit and process capability calculation
  • Historical analysis and charting on the entire data set
  • Control limit calculation on three ranges of data, depicted graphically on control charts
  • Capability studies providing Calculated Capability (n or n-1) and Estimated Capability with or without calculated range
  • Unilateral and bilateral specifications defined and charted
  • Pareto analysis on attribute data with up to 100 categories per data table
  • Decimal place definition


Intuitive SPC provides complete flexibility in data layout and reporting. You may have up to eight charts/spreadsheets visible on the screen at any given time. Reports and spreadsheets are Web-enabled so that data may be shared quickly and easily throughout the entire organization. Comprehensive traceability reporting is included to assist you with ISO 9000 and QS-9000 audit trail reporting. You may also utilize a queue function that allows you to print a range of pre-selected charts or spreadsheets at one time.

Return Material Authorization

Managing the return of product from customers is another area you can leverage to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. The quicker you can dispose of defective or disputed parts, the faster you can turn a dissatisfied customer into a good reference. Our return material functionality provides you with the ability to ensure a thoroughly professional approach in this sensitive area of customer service.

The Return Material Authorization (RMA) module included with the Intuitive solution provides complete return material capability. Parts can be returned even if there is no existing sales order record (the return of a component for example). The RMA module provides you with complete tracking functionality, from assigning an RMA number for the customer, dispositioning samples (optional), receiving the returned materials, and dispositioning all returns. Credit memos and replacement orders can be automatically generated if desired.

Managing returned inventory is also important to the profitability of your company. The RMA module applies the same level of inventory management to returned items as is applied to production inventory. All material can be processed through inspection, accepted into inventory, sent to rework or scrapped to an expense account.


  • Receive returned material into a special inventory account
  • Receive and process sample returns before authorizing a full return of materials
  • Inspect returned materials
  • Automatically credit the customer's account

Demand Forcecasting

Intuitive Forecasting provides extended capabilities in forecast generation that allow you to:

  • Improve the accuracy of your forecasts
  • Save time and money
  • Improve planning
  • Cut inventory costs
  • Decrease stockouts

Intuitive Forecasting provides you with the ability to generate the forecasts based on your usage data and many different forecasting models. This data is then used by the Intuitive planning modules to generate your demand requirements based on this forecast. Complete analysis of forecast to actual is available in the Intuitive planning functions.

Intuitive Advanced Forecasting is easy to learn and easy to use. It does not require a background in statistics or forecasting. In fact, creating accurate forecasts is literally as easy as clicking a mouse. You provide the historic data, and the built-in expert system analyzes your data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique, and calculates the forecast.

Alternatively, if you want to dictate the forecasting approach, Intuitive Forecasting provides a complete range of forecasting models and all of the diagnostic aids you need. Generating reports, viewing graphs, adding your judgment, saving to spreadsheets/text files/databases, collaborating with others, interfacing with your SCM, ERP or other planning system is all at your fingertips.

Intuitive Forecasting supports multiple forecasting methodologies:


Twelve different Holt-Winters exponential smoothing models are provided to accommodate a wide range of data characteristics. The robustness of exponential smoothing makes it ideal when there are no leading indicators and the data are too short or volatile for Box-Jenkins. You can select the model and set the parameters yourself or let Intuitive Forecasting do it automatically.


For stable data, Intuitive Forecasting supports a multiplicative seasonal Box-Jenkins model. The model can be built completely automatically or interactively using a full range of screen-oriented diagnostics.


Croston’s intermittent demand model and discrete data models are provided to accommodate low volume and “sparse” data (i.e. data where the demand is often zero).


Curve fitting provides a quick and easy way to identify the general form of the curve which your data are following. Intuitive Forecasting supports four types of curves: straight line, quadratic, exponential, and growth (s-curve).


For very short data or extremely volatile data, Intuitive Forecasting includes moving average models. More advanced methodologies are also available:

  • Dynamic regression
  • Event models
  • Multiple level models
  • Census X-11 seasonal decomposition
  • Batch forecasting


Intuitive Forecasting provides a standardized set of diagnostic screens to help you compare and evaluate models. You get graphs of the residuals and the error autocorrelation function, as well as multiple key numeric statistics.


The Intuitive Forecasting override facility allows you to adjust the statistical forecasts in a spreadsheet-like display or directly on a graph. You can type in new values, change by a percentage or increment/decrement the selection. A handy comment field and multiple override rows allow you to document your changes and collaborate with colleagues. Changes made at any level of the forecasting hierarchy will automatically reconcile all levels. The ability to save and recall your override files eliminates the need to re-key overrides as new data are added and statistical forecasts are revised.

Payroll Assistant

Intuitive Payroll Assistant provides a flexible, efficient and user-friendly workforce management solution to collect and control your payroll data. Where shop floor data collection focuses on job costing and operations reporting for direct labor employees, Intuitive Payroll Assistant focuses on collecting critical payroll information for all employees.

Intuitive Payroll Assistant handles complex payroll formulas and rules that the core Intuitive ERP does not currently address, such as shift differentials, jury duty, and vacations. Payroll processing that used to take days can now be done in hours, even within an environment where payroll data must be collected from multiple locations.

Intuitive Payroll Assistant can be implemented as a standalone application or integrated with Intuitive Shop Floor Data Collection—giving you complete labor reporting and payroll collection solution for your entire workforce. When fully integrated with Intuitive Shop Floor Data Collection, Intuitive Payroll Assistant automates the collection, calculation and preparation of payroll data, thus increasing the efficiency of your operation by reducing the errors that can occur in a traditional paper-based time keeping system.


Intuitive Payroll Assistant is an open solution that can work with most scanners and controllers. The application can eliminate the need for expensive proprietary hardware and allow you to use existing Intuitive Shop Floor Data Collection devices.

Intuitive Payroll Assistant includes interfaces to the most popular payroll packages, such as Abra, ADP, Ceridian and Paychex, which allows easy export capability to your current payroll software. You have the choice to extend the standard features by customizing the application to suit your needs. Intuitive Payroll Assistant supports SQL Server, Oracle® or Access relational databases.


End users will easily adopt the system, as it utilizes familiar windows and pull-down menus. The security features limit access to authorized personnel only and allow customization of the access levels. The security features also limit employee information available to a user, according to shifts and departments.

Intuitive Payroll Assistant offers a special “Agency Time Card” detail report to simplify calculation and reporting of weekly hours for agency employees. Supervisors can easily verify the hours of both regular and agency employees. Intuitive Payroll Assistant can calculate hours based on the schedules that you create, and you can provide unique shift definitions or prepare global scheduling.

The “Lost Time Codes” report gives your company the option to set up a Merit/De-Merit program. This unique feature can track lost time and indicate whether that time was paid or unpaid. You have the flexibility to assign codes and a point value system as they pertain to your employees or business. 

Intuitive Payroll Assistant provides several reports:

  • Absentee
  • Daily Labor
  • Early/Late by Employee and by Department
  • Missed Punches
  • Overtime
  • Payroll
  • Punch Logs
  • Time Card Detail
  • Agency Time Card Detail
  • Hours by Week
  • File Listing
  • Monthly Attendence
  • Lost Time by Department/Employee
  • Daily Labor
  • Early/Late by Employee and by Department
  • Vacation Summary by Department/Employee
  • Weekly Hours Exception
  • Daily Missed Punches
  • Daily Punch Exception
  • Weekly Schedule


Eliminate double entry, avoid mistakes and reduce time spent keying-in data, all while increasing your labor productivity and your bottom line. Additionally, because all entries—with the exception of punches made via scan stations—are recorded in an Audit Log, a limited number of users can easily review key data associated with each employee. Then when finalizing payroll, supervisors can create Weekly Hours Exception reports to identify and correct most errors (i.e. missed punches, miscalculations, unauthorized overtime, etc.) before exporting the hours.

Once payroll information has been exported and processed by your company’s payroll processor, Intuitive Payroll Assistant can then import the GL information from this payroll and format it into a file for import into Intuitive. No longer is it necessary to key journal entries into Intuitive to account for payroll. Intuitive Payroll Assistant can do the work for you.

Supervisors can also smoothly manage their workforce by creating Vacation Summary reports that display the days and hours that employees plan to use toward their allotted vacation time. With these time and date ranges clearly highlighted, supervisors can then effortlessly make plans to ensure that sufficient staff support will be in place at the appropriate times.


  • Reduce payroll processing time across multiple locations.
  • Manage complex payroll formulas and rules with ease.
  • Achieve high cost effectiveness by leveraging existing hardware.


Intuitive provides access to timely and relevant information about your business with AlertMessenger™. The Intuitive ERP AlertMessenger module is a real-time workflow communication system that provides updates on critical events, delivers work instructions and automates interaction with vendors and customers.

AlertMessenger empowers employees throughout your enterprise, from the accounting department to the shop floor and from the president to the shipping clerk. AlertMessenger extends your enterprise to include customers and vendors, shortening lines of communication and helping you resolve issues faster. Instead of trading phone calls and spending endless time and effort to track down information, your employees, vendors and customers will be proactively and automatically informed of pre-determined events with customized alert messages.


With automatic notification of critical events, you are able to manage by exception instead of following every activity directly. AlertMessenger effectively adds another set of management eyes to the organization, notifying you when to take action and keeping you informed of successes and issues throughout the company. When a much-needed order of raw material hits the receiving dock, an alert in the form of a pop-up message box is sent to your production control organization and to purchasing. When a major sales order is shipped, a congratulations message can be sent out automatically to the entire company.


AlertMessenger accelerates workflow by automating communication tasks and increasing access to information. When an event triggers an alert, key individuals are notified and work instructions are conveyed. Up and down the supply chain, AlertMessenger provides informative alerts and workflow input. For example, you can decrease part shortages by creating an automated Kanban or re-ordering system to notify vendors when inventory is low. One alert message would be sent to the vendor indicating the need for inventory replenishment, another would be sent to purchasing to confirm delivery.


Interacting with customers in real time increases customer satisfaction and decreases your overall cycle times. With AlertMessenger, you bring your customers into the process without adding new resources or creating a high maintenance bureaucracy. Suppose you have a major account with a temporary credit issue. The system can be set up to forward an alert by electronic pager to the responsible sales executive and simultaneously send an e-mail message to the accounting manager and vice president of sales so that immediate action can be taken. Once the order is cleared, an e-mail message can be sent to the customer verifying the shipment.


AlertMessenger’s intelligent messaging gives you the ability to trigger multiple message types to several individuals for the same event. For example, one message may go to a customer verifying shipment of their order and another message may go to a sales executive indicating the order value. Alert messages can be sent in real time or in batch. A quiet time option allows you to set a threshold for the frequency of messages. If you want notification of an inventory balance, you may only want to know the first time the re-order level is penetrated. Subsequent messages may be delayed in any time increment you desire.

Alert messages can include attachments to provide recipients with greater detail of the transaction. An incoming inspection report can be forwarded automatically to the responsible vendor and a pop-up alert can be delivered to the purchasing agent to inform them of an issue. AlertMessenger can be used to distribute reports to key members of your operations and accounting staff. 

Because Intuitive ERP is built on an open architecture, AlertMessenger can easily be customized to incorporate active messaging. Active messages carry software routines that can be invoked to interact with your Intuitive ERP system or other external systems. Data fields can be populated, transactions can be completed and reports can be generated automatically. Whether you use AlertMessenger for increasing communication or for automating your workflow, you will dramatically improve the responsiveness of your operations.


A user-friendly Rule Editor provides an intuitive process for creating and managing alerts. Built-in flexibility allows you to choose the method, or combination of methods, for communicating with your employees, vendors and customers. AlertMessenger provides notification through e-mail, pop-up message boxes or even electronic paging systems and complies with the MAPI e-mail standard, working with common e-mail systems such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft Exchange and Eudora by QUALCOMM.

The AlertMessenger Rule Editor allows you to create a brand new rule or to copy an existing rule using drag and drop capabilities. With the Rule Editor, you set up the rules, define recipient lists and construct the actual alert message. Changes can be made to the rule title, rule options and rule help text.

Project Management

For companies that use project management techniques, Intuitive ERP provides the tools necessary to establish projects and track all transactions related to that project. When a project or master project is created in Intuitive ERP, the project ID assigned is associated to every facet of data within the system related to that project, including multi-level manufacturing and procurement orders tied to a given sales order.

Progress billing reporting assists in billing of work completed for a given project. Also available are drill-down reports on revenues, expenses, and profit/loss for any project or master project for complete project profitability reporting.

  • Establish projects and master projects
  • Report on revenues, expenses, and profit/loss for projects
  • Bill work completed for a project using progress billing