Knova Analytics & Metrics

Knova Analytics: actionable metrics lead to resolutions.

Knova Analytics & Metrics

Traditionally, measuring service and support operations has been straightforward—shorter hold times are better; higher abandonment rates are worse—but today’s call centers require more sophisticated metric measurements: integrations, best practices, self-service, knowledge management and other initiatives make service and support difficult to measure.

Knova Knowledge Management Analytics is a visual, intuitive set of tools with role-based reports built on cutting-edge technology. They solve the problems of old school online analytical processing (OLAP) cube-based reporting, and solve newer problems associated with reporting consistently across multiple service and support channels.

Knova Analytics helps you answer pressing business questions that will lead to the truth about your service levels, such as:

  • Who is creating value in the knowledgebase and where are the gaps?
  • What’s the highest value product improvement we can make?
  • How can we tune our customer experience to better resolve issues?
  • How effectively are service and support staff closing cases?
  • Does their escalation rate meet expectations?
  • How well are they meeting their service level agreements (SLAs)?


Different job roles require the need for different data and information. Line managers need to access different data than a self-service owner. They prefer to look at different time frames and drill into them in their own fashion. This type of flexibility should be available, and Knova has provided it.

Knova Analytics’ associative, in-memory technology brings fast results and better decision-making through a series of role-based, pre-defined dashboards designed to help line managers, operations analysts, knowledge program managers and website owners do their jobs more effectively. For example:

  • Call Center Managers have to access employee performance, so they need to identify how their staff is reusing, creating, and improving knowledge, as well as satisfying customers and closing cases.
  • Knowledge Managers need to understand the health of the knowledgebase and the processes that keep it continually renewed and up-to-date.
  • Self-Service Website Owners need analytics that will help them continuously improve the customer experience, online resolution rates, and call deflections.

For each of these users, Knova provides role-specific dashboards that analyze critical areas such as workflow status, knowledge effectiveness, contributor productivity, and much more.


Knova Analytics are designed to meet the needs of today’s busy and complex business world, offering flexibility and scalability that has never been available before. Analyzing and comparing data over long periods of time—after all knowledge programs grow and evolve over the years, not months, is critical.

In order to see a longer stretch of analysis, the technology must allow for it. That’s where QlikView™ and Aptean come into play. At Aptean, we have partnered with QlikTech’s QlikView™ technology which provides for in-memory processing, associative analysis, and a speedy implementation.

In-memory processing eliminates dependencies on traditional OLAP technologies. Data is loaded directly into the RAM without building complicated, multi-dimensional “cubes” which allows for dramatically faster processing of massive amounts of data.

In-Memory Analytical Processing

  • Allows you to analyze large data volumes on the fly.
  • Ability to observe data across longs periods of time.

Associate Data Model

  • Knova Analytics thinks in non-linear paths by building associations just as people do.
  • This logical approach connects a wide range of data sources efficiently and gives faster access to data.

Prebuilt High-Value Reports Across Three Areas

  • Authoring Analysis.
  • Knowledge Analysis.
  • Success Analysis.

Flexibility to Create Custom Reports

  • Report formulas and calculations are exposed and can be easily modified to suit individual needs without the need for technical expertise.

Visually Interactive Interface

  • Drives user adoption and increases usability across multiple roles in the organization.

Support for Industry Best Practices

  • Knova is KCSs Verified v4 for knowledge management, and every benefit listed on this page aligns with KCS measurement recommendations.
  • You don’t need a dedicated KCS initiative to enjoy the benefits these best practices have to offer, but either way it is good to know that you are implementing metric measurements that provide optimum value to your service and support operations.