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Knowledge management cannot succeed if it's deployed in a vacuum. Your staff has any number of systems to interact with throughout the day and they probably won't take well to yet another standalone application to open and manage. That's why KM needs to be seamlessly deployed to work in your environment.

While we firmly believe your efforts should center around knowledge, we know that your agent's interactions center around your CRM or incident management tool. It's the first thing they open and the first place they reference when a call comes in. Knova was built to integrate with these applications for just that reason. We work with the biggest (and smallest) names in CRM to insure a smooth integration. 

Of course you may also be interested in our other proactive support tools including collaborative chat and remote control from our SupportSoft product family. Those can be integrated to provide even richer customer experiences.

Speaking of integration, we bet you'll want to measure activity and effectiveness across of your customer service interactions. Knova partners with QlikView to deliver superior analytics that measure knowledge and cases together with superior efficiency for deep insights across role-driven dashboards.

Finally, if you need a secure way to host your high bandwidth implementation, we offer a complete hosting solution through the most trusted name in cloud hosting, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

CRM Integration

Most service and support organizations understand the need for case management: it’s important to track customer issues until they’re resolved and to understand the overall caseload being served. They also understand the value of the knowledgebase—solve problems once, reuse answers many times, and share resolutions with customers so they can self-solve issues, too.  What’s less well understood is the importance of tightly integrating these two capabilities.

If case management isn’t tightly integrated with knowledge, barriers get in the way of agents’ doing the right things. For example, agents may find that they retype information in case notes and knowledgebase articles, or they cut and paste from screen to screen. Because there’s no in-process authoring of content, they find it takes more after-call wrap-up time to create knowledge—time that’s often not available in a busy contact center. Agents may not search the knowledgebase while they’re talking with customers, because the process is too cumbersome. And if it’s too much effort, they won’t keep track of knowledge reuse in their cases, even though tracking reuse provides unmatched insights into the customer experience.

Add in other channels of support, such as chat and proactive desktop support, the challenge becomes even more difficult – in the past even impossible.


Businesses need to leverage existing tools and systems while adding new cutting-edge solutions. Your CRM, for example, may be a great tool for housing customer information but is not designed to resolve complex customer problems, especially using best practices methodologies.

Your CRM vendor may offer a low cost, or even free plug-in for knowledge access, but these add-ons lack advanced search and time-tested NLP functionality. CRM search finds content and documents, but only true knowledge management systems find resolutions. Additionally, CRM systems lack the intuitive authoring needed for continual performance improvement. KCS  Verified v4 Knova Knowledge Management is designed for ubiquitous integration into new and existing CRM systems of all sizes and depths of functionality.

Aptean simplifies CRM integration with an extensive API library, enabling Knova to integrate with virtually any CRM system to minimize up-front work and downstream changes. Knova APIs connect user information, case background, workflow linkage, email response synchronization, SSO and other standard CRM information fields. The broad array of APIs were designed to adapt to customer needs, simplifying the integration of multiple systems and provide a single entity that can grow and change as customer needs scale.

Standard integration points between Knova and CRM include user interface (UI), users and groups, case response, case write-back and case creation. Additional capabilities and Aptean’s extensive integration experience enable customization and features that enhance your existing CRM along with the overall customer experience.

Knova integrates with all major CRM vendors including Siebel, Amdocs/Clarify, SAP,, Remedy, and our own Onyx and Pivotal solutions. And because the systems are integrated, there is no need for agents to switch screens to launch and access knowledge management tools.


Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) is a best practice developed by the members of the Consortium for Service Innovation. One of its central tenets is, “knowledge isn’t something that you do in addition to solving problems—it becomes the way you solve problems.” Because KCS practices integrate knowledge capture, reuse, and improvement directly into case management and support processes, KM operations become seamless and efficient.

Inspired by KCS, meaning that knowledge management (KM) and case management functionality are combined into a single agent workbench—not scattered across multiple tabs or screens. Whether or not a contact or support center adopts KCS, agents will still resolve issues faster with knowledge from all relevant sources at their fingertips. Analytics will leverage the linkages between cases and knowledge to understand the primary contact drivers, unlocking the voice of the customer. And self-service will deliver knowledge created in the customer’s context—captured, in fact, immediately in the moment of resolution.

eService Integration

Customers are finely attuned to moments when they’re treated differently depending on who (and how) they ask. Transactions that are impossible over the web suddenly get completed after a strongly-worded e-mail. The contact center says “no,” but the analyst on the phone says “yes.” The web site says your transaction went through, but the chat agent can’t find it.

In all these cases, customers feel like they’re not dealing with one company, but several. They become frustrated, try to figure out how to work the angles, and ultimately lose confidence in anything they hear. Inconsistent service and support is a fast way to erode loyalty.

Some of this is simply human nature—it’s easier to write a line of web site code that denies a request than it is to say “no” to a person standing in front of you. But much of it is a result of the fact that each channel is managed by its own technology, and it’s hard to keep them in synch.

Consider that a large company might have a myriad legacy point tools, each creating its own customer experience from a chat client with canned text and an e-mail response management system with its own email templates to a CRM with a separate knowledgebase and yet another FAQ database that fuels the self-service portal.

With the best of intentions, it’s practically impossible to coordinate all of these disparate systems. What’s needed is a software solution that defines policy and supplies consistent knowledge to all customer contact channels.


You need to make each of your thousands of customers feel like your only customer. That means interacting with them via their preferred channels and paces, while adapting to their behaviors, context and intent. SupportSoft eService is a collection of powerful tools, such as web collaboration, e-mail, live chat, and phone support interfaces, that provide support technicians with multi-channel consistency across assisted service and self-help channels to resolve common end-user problems. Knova can be integrated with the powerful SupportSoft toolset to:

  • Allow knowledge to remain at the center of your service and support organization, feeding every channel with knowledge and capturing organizational knowledge from every channel.
  • Ensure resolution consistency as customers move seamlessly from channel to channel.
  • Take advantage of SupportSoft's differentiated technology that, using patented diagnostic tools, allows theproactive or real time automated resolution of complex technical issues directly on an end user’s PC, thus automating the resolution of expensive assisted call drivers.

Learn more about the SupportSoft eService Suite

Amazon Web Services

There are a number of, well, nebulous, definitions of the cloud out there. With this in mind, let us fully explain our cloud offering and how it works. We consider the Aptean Cloud a full-service, end-to-end solution. To be able to provide such a complete solution, we leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and S3 to offer you pieces of the puzzle. As such, the server infrastructure and platform in our cloud deployment is from Amazon. Based on this partnership, we are essentially able to offer our software applications “as a service” via the Internet.

However, we just mentioned that the Aptean Cloud is a complete solution. This means that our customers aren’t contacting Amazon with issues; they’re working directly with Aptean and taking advantage of our combined Amazon infrastructure and application expertise via a strategically designed set of services and support, including infrastructure and application maintenance services.


There are several types of cloud deployments, including public, private and hybrid. The Aptean Cloud leverages a private cloud for disaster recovery and system monitoring purposes, but essentially offers its software solutions as a service on a public cloud. Technically, this setup makes the Aptean Cloud a hybrid cloud.

We understand that there may be some concerns around deploying in a public cloud, but at a high level, we believe the Amazon infrastructure and platform is inherently more secure than any internal on-premise deployment. The sheer scale of Amazon allows the company to implement a higher level of security than any one internal IT organization. What’s more, Amazon’s security is free from grassroots IT policies that are built around internal assumptions because it presumes that all internal and external users are potentially a threat.

Despite our confidence in Amazon’s security, we have taken further—and some would deem even unnecessary—precautions to ensure your system and data security on our cloud. Examples of these measures include:

  • Staffed controlled personnel to leverage multi-factor authentication to the server across three levels of authentication.
  • Added layers of intrusion monitoring beyond Amazon standard.
  • Additional antivirus tools.
  • Added 128 bit Triple DES authentication.
  • Built encryption between server infrastructures.
  • Added encryption to database, logs and configuration files.
  • Created restrictions around only opening ports that are highly monitored.
  • Leveraged Amazon’s SAS 70 Type 2 compliance.

QlikView Analytics

You run a customer-centered business. Your products, people and processes are designed to collect information, offer great solutions, and resolve customer issues before they occur. Businesses need quick and easy ways to analyze trends, filter data, measure results and act decisively to enhance the customer experience. While reporting is good for describing the “what,” analytics enable an understanding of the “why,” ultimately resulting in creative, accurate and appropriate resolutions to you customer needs.

Knova Analytics, powered by award-winning QlikView technology, combines the capabilities of business apps with the depth of knowledge management to create actionable metrics for improving your business. QlikView provides industry-leading business intelligence (BI) software renowned for its ease of use, value and innovative technology.QlikView compiles complex knowledge metrics and allows Knova to present them in a way that makes it easy for service and support managers to evaluate and act upon. The combination of knowledge, a cutting-edge tool for measurements and metrics gives you the ability to surround your customers with a support system aimed at quickly and accurately resolving their needs.


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. An old adage that rings true today with knowledge management. Metrics and measurements are critical to both understanding and improving everything you do. Knova Analytics helps you understand various aspects of your business, from user and knowledge effectiveness to your capacity for resolving customer issues. Accurate measurement and analysis can lead to key initiatives that differentiate your business and positively influence customer perception.

Knova Analytics provides measurements that help answer critical business questions:

  • Who is creating value in the knowledgebase and where are the gaps?
  • What’s the highest value product improvement we can make?
  • How can we tune our customer experience to better resolve issues?
  • How effectively are service and support staff closing cases?
  • Does the escalation rate meet expectations? How well are we meeting customer service level agreements (SLAs)?


Knova Analytics supports three main families of reports: Authoring, Knowledge Effectiveness and Site Traffic. Knova Analytics uses these reports to drive key metrics and measurements to measure overall system effectiveness as well as to pinpoint specific areas needing attention.

QlikView supports:

  • Fast in-memory processing.
  • Quick data extraction and loading.
  • Easy data analysis.
  • Simple report development. Easily create dashboards and charts that can drill-down to your data in a few clicks.
  • Slicing, comparing and aggregating your data quickly to make the right business decisions.
  • Comprehensive operational and strategic analytics reports.


Knova’s clear, easily configurable dashboards along with actionable recommendations give users the ability to measure results and satisfy customers. Knova’s knowledge management coupled with QlikView’s cutting-edge analytics solution provides an integrated and seamless user experience, tailored to the specific needs of your business. Join the Resolution™ today to ensure that your customers keep coming back tomorrow.

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