Knova Mobile eXperience (KMX)

Provide superior service and support for on-the go users.

Knova Mobile eXperience (KMX)

Knova Mobile eXperience (KMX) enables users to use the existing Knova Self-Service (KSS) application on an iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices. In short, KMX is the mobile app that your users and customers use to access resolutions to complex issues at any time and in any place. KMX offers:

  • Device Compatibility: Ability to access Knova Self-Service functionality on virtually any device with browser access.
  • Preview of KSM Documents: Provides inline preview of KSM documents, without having to download them.
  • Type Forward Capability: Provides a faster search experience and ensures you are able to find what you need.
  • Display Customizations: Ability to customize pagination, text color and fonts to match your corporate style and design.


KMX offers the same great issue resolution you get with the Knova Self-Service application:

  • Search the knowledge base to find helpful documents.
  • Browse the knowledge base to obtain links to new and popular documents that apply to a specific item, such as a product.
  • View documents that are popular with other users or that have recently been added to the knowledge base.
  • Personalize the home page by adding links to frequently viewed documents and Community threads, and specifying content preferences.
  • Subscribe to content to be updated when it changes.
  • Refreshes data dynamically for each widget when there is a filter/sort criteria change.
  • Refreshes data dynamically for My Subscription and My Favorites widget based on the actions performed (edit/ delete).