Knova Overview

Resolutionizing™ the customer support experience

Knova Overview

Customer service and support organizations are awash in knowledge. Case notes. FAQs. Wikis. Release notes. Knowledgebase articles. Documentation. Policy guides. Share drives, Email folders. The list goes on and on.

What they don’t generally have is a great way to manage that knowledge to create great experiences for customers who call, write, or visit the website. Often, each knowledge source is managed in a separate repository. Going from tool to tool, one search box after the next, users suspect that the knowledge they need is somewhere, but they struggle to find it. Worse still, knowledge in disparate repositories often goes stale or languishes in review queues.

Knowledge is power—but only if users can find the resolution they are looking for.


Knova, Aptean's knowledge management platform, delivers a resolution workbench for customer-facing agents, a comprehensive support portal for customer self-help, a knowledge repository designed for rapid capture and easy editing, and a market-leading adaptive search and navigation system that provides easy access to all relevant content across the enterprise. By building both agent- and customer-facing functionality on a common platform, Knova breaks through knowledge silos to deliver one-stop shopping for all knowledge users.

Knova integrates with leading case tracking and CRM solutions to provide a seamless customer experience. This means that agents have a single screen for resolving customer issues, and customers have a single support portal for getting the resolution they need.


Knova Knowledge Management ships with  Knowledge Central, an application that gives agents an integrated resolution workbench for solving and documenting each customer interaction. Knowledge is easy to capture, author, and update in the course of resolving customer problems. It also ships with Self-Service, a support portal application with search, browse, and personalized feeds of knowledge.

Underlying both applications is Knova’s patented adaptive search and navigation, which guides users through a straightforward process: interpreting their original search terms with natural language processing, matching their issue with content that addresses it, and allowing them to drill down further by selecting words and phrases that are meaningful to them. The result? Customers and agents alike benefit from access to a wealth of information, from knowledgebase content to support forums, documentation and more. 

Comprehensive analytics provide the insights needed for assessing agent performance, continuously improving the self-help customer experience, and making a solid business case for self-service and internal knowledge sharing.

Integrated Resolution Workbench

  • Streamlines the agent experience by providing a single screen for all needed tools and information.
  • Automatically delivers relevant knowledge based on the specifics of each case or incident.
  • Captures case notes and knowledge contributions in a unified workflow—no duplicate entry.

Comprehensive Self-Service Portal

  • Easily configured with knowledge pagelets and microsites that deliver a personalized experience to customers based on their products, preferences, or customer segments.
  • Integrates with CRM or service desk software to create a seamless cross-channel experience.

Support for Industry Best Practices

  • KCSs Verified by the Consortium for Service Innovation to enable Knowledge-Centered Support.
  • Supports ITIL incident management, problem management, and service management processes.

Analytics for Insight & Action

  • Integrated web and contact-center analytics provide Voice-of-the-Customer reporting.
  • Specialized dashboards help leaders assess and improve individual and team performance.
  • Reports quantify the ROI for Knowledge Management.

One-Stop Shopping for Knowledge

  • Integrates websites, support forums, documentation, and other relevant content into a single precise search result.
  • Natural language processing and guided search help frame issues and locate solutions.
  • Resolution flows and wizards optimize the handling of common high-value customer issues.