Knova Pricing & Deployment

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Knova Pricing & Deployment

Based on the deployment option you choose, Aptean offers flexible software licensing and pricing, as well as a wide variety of implementation, consulting and managed services that can be customized to meet your unique requirements and challenges.

Review our deployment options:

Aptean Cloud

We consider the Aptean Cloud a full-service, end-to-end solution. To be able to provide such a complete solution, we leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and S3 to offer you pieces of the puzzle. As such, the server infrastructure and platform in our cloud deployment is from Amazon. Based on this partnership, we are essentially able to offer our software applications “as a service” via the Internet. This means you are working directly with Aptean and taking advantage of our combined Amazon infrastructure and application expertise via a strategically designed set of services and support.

The real benefit of moving to the cloud is significant savings across hardware, bandwidth, personnel and maintenance fees for software applications. Based on the data we’ve gathered from our customers, whatever you’re paying today is likely going to be cut in half. With a cloud-based deployment, you can adopt a predictable, subscription-based payment model, where you can pay based on your usage of computing (server, bandwidth, data storage) resources.

So most tangibly, the Aptean Cloud is going to significantly drive down your IT costs over time; however, it also plays an important role if you’re trying to upgrade or expand your stack to achieve something more visionary in your service and support organization. Moving to the Aptean Cloud is cheaper, has faster deployment times, and eliminates the need for CAPEX funding. With price being less of a factor in the extremely important process of selecting a business system, you can get back to what really matters, like breadth of functionality and ability to align with your unique business requirements and processes. Your IT staff is able to focus on your core IT infrastructure instead of business application support and expertise. The Aptean Cloud will just make the Aptean application work for your business in an end-to-end solution.

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud deployment has many of the same advantages as the public Aptean Cloud with the added security and enablement of dedicated hardware and/or a secure connection back to your corporate network. The Private Cloud running the Aptean business application becomes an extension of your existing network. This enables secure integrations with other business applications, Single sign-on, and a deeper sense of security. The key feature in a private Cloud is the static nature of it in a traditional virtualized manner and that direct VPN connection and shared IP space with your corporate network.

While a Private Cloud deployment will not have the same economics and cost savings as the Aptean Cloud, it will ensure that you can meet your IT security standards and does provide cost benefits and the same level of infrastructure and application maintenance services over a traditional On-Premise deployment. This hybrid approach provides you with the control, security, and integrations your business needs with the same benefits of having infrastructure and application management covered in a service-based model.


Aptean’s software solutions have traditionally been offered on premise, and there are many reasons companies might choose this deployment model, whether it be based on the need for LAN-based, system-to-system integration, or simply data security or compliance objectives. The good news is, Aptean will support whatever deployment option you require. An on-premise deployment option provides you with the ability to install our software within your own data center and on your own hardware. 

Aptean’s professional services offerings are available to support the implementation, whether it be for the initial setup, or even long term, Aptean can relieve your company of the burden of hiring and maintaining highly trained, in-house resources with deep application knowledge.