Knova Self-Service Software

Breaking down the barriers to effective self-service.

Knova Self-Service Software

Customers want to use their products successfully, they need help, and in most cases want it right away—they don’t want to call or open a case; they’d rather use self-serve. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, research from Gartner, Forrester, and other industry analysts peg the performance of web-based self-service at something under 50 percent. More than half the time, customers who come to a website to get help fail to get it. This leads to dissatisfaction, defections, and unhappy customers in the phone queue.

Many products promise self-service, but in many cases they only offer a simple FAQ database with rudimentary search. For complex and high tech products and services, customers need far more than a simple list of questions and answers in a standalone repository. They need a single portal that guides them intelligently to the tools and content they need, wherever the answers reside. Customers don’t want just answers; they want resolutions.


As part of the Knova Knowledge Management solution, Knova Self-Service provides all the functionality and content that customers need to resolve their issues themselves, immediately, 24/7. It also preempts contacts and customer frustration by proactively delivering information about known issues to targeted customers, avoiding issues before they become problems.

Customers can benefit from access to a wealth of information, from knowledgebase content to support forums, documentation, release notes, datasheets, application guides, and more. But, they are unwilling to wander from web page to web page to track down the information they need. Knova Self-Service has a single entry point for searching and navigating all relevant content.

All this content might overwhelm customers without a simple way to find just what they need. Fortunately, Knova’s patented adaptive search and navigation guides customers through a straightforward process: interpreting their original search terms with natural language processing, matching their issue with content that addresses it, and allowing them to drill down further by selecting words and phrases that are meaningful to them. Thus, driving them to the correct resolution.


Knova Self-Service provides service and support organizations with all of the capability they need to create an award winning, customer satisfying, and call-deflecting web site. A simple administration console lets service and support website owners create personalized microsites for different customers and segments. Resolution wizards guide customers through a specific process for specific high-value issues. Personalized content panes and subscriptions keep customers up-to-date on the issues they care about. And CRM integration makes sure customers never hit a dead end: with the right entitlement, customers can log a new case or incident that automatically includes all of their self-service history, improving the handoff to assisted service and speeding time to resolution.

Comprehensive Self-Service Portal

  • Easily configured with knowledge pagelets: context-sensitive building blocks for the support experience.
  • Creates branded experiences with microsites tailored for specific product families, partners, or customer segments.
  • Integrates with CRM or service desk software to create a seamless cross-channel experience.

One-Stop Shopping for Knowledge

  • Integrates web sites, wikis, support forums, content management systems, and other relevant knowledge into a single precise search result.


  • Supports segmentation along multiple enterprise-defined dimensions such as product, industry, and region.
  • Personalizes all aspects of the customer experience including content, recommendations and processes.

Analytics for Insight

  • Self-service analytics provide Voice-of-the-Customer reporting.
  • Specialized dashboards help leaders assess the value of knowledge and quantify the ROI for self-service.

Adaptive Search & Navigation

  • Deep natural language understanding drives accurate results.
  • Guided search helps agents frame issues and locate solutions.
  • Resolution flows optimize the handling of common high-value customer requests.

Support for Industry Best Practices

  • KCSsm Verified by the Consortium for Service Innovation to enable Knowledge-Centered Support best practices.
  • Supports ITIL incident management, problem management, and service management processes.